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Indole 3 DIM Supplement!

by Ramon
(National City)

I take a DIM supplement when I feel like I need to control estrogen, but I have found that when I eat broccoli, or other cruciferous vegetables, it can be too much.

Since DIM supplements are basically concentrated indole 3's from broccoli, cabbage and the like, consuming both can be overkill.

Just a tip I thought I'd pass along.

My situation is, I was previously very overweight.

Lucky for me, I discovered that weight gain is not a food issue, but a hormonal one.

Eating the wrong foods can exacerbate the problem, but overall, the issue is by and large hormonal.

The 3 key players are insulin, estrogen, and testosterone. I quickly discovered that my estrogen and insulin levels were much too high, and my testosterone levels were much too low.

I've had lot's of luck getting the insulin under control by limiting carbs, and the estrogen by using DIM and eating cruciferous veggies.

I'm still working on the testosterone, and I have found some great tips here on the site.

I know I'm rambling on, so I'll leave you now.

I want to thank you for building such a great site.

I still have a lot to learn.


Indole 3 DIM Supplement to
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