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I'm 25 and Storing Body Fat Like a Woman

by Jay

I'm 25 and Storing Body Fat Like a Woman

Hi Mark,

My story has been sad over the last 4 years since my mother passed away.

I am 25 years old, but you would never think it by looking at me, most people think I am 17 or 19 at most.

Some say this is a good thing, but personally I equated my juvenile looks, fat accumulation around the hips, buttocks and thighs and small chest as a Testosterone defect.

I was so depressed, that I started to think that maybe I had some sort of chromosome disorder like Klinefelter's syndrome.

Since I have had these feelings, I went to see two endocrinologists, and both were absolutely convinced that I am totally normal.

My testosterone came back at 20.6 nmol/l and luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, and all the other hormones screened came back normal.

Testicular size is about 16ml bilaterally.

Personally I think they might be even smaller than that as they only measure 3.5-4cm long by 2cm.

Now that I know my testicles are not failing, and no endocrine defect ruling out all the issues I was afraid of.

I am still left dumb founded as to why I look so young!

Minimal body and facial hair, wide fat accumulating hips, loss of muscle definition, anxiety, depression, dry eyes and episodes of staying up very late for no reason.

I think all of this is due to my high SHBG and possibly high amounts of xenoestrogen exposure.

I'm 25 and Storing Body Fat Like a Woman

I guess what I wanted to ask you is, can I reverse the damage these hormones have done to my body?

Boost my testosterone further, increase testicle size, muscles, body hair and eventually look more rugged?

As something to fall back on, my father tells me that he also has smaller sized testes.

He also has wide hips, but other than that looks very masculine, wide shoulders, full beard growth and good limb proportions.

Whereas I look like a joke when I look at myself in the mirror.

With my weak shoulders only 18 inches wide, at 5 foot 8, and big hips at nearly 39 inches around at only 71kg!

Most of my fat is on my love handles, thighs, buttocks and hips.

I have even started to get a leaner looking upper body, but this strange feminine fat distribution is really, getting me down.

Why is it that most men don't have this problem? What are they doing that I am not?

These questions are always on my mind.

I really am sorry for this long inconvenient, blabbing email, but I think you're one of the best Internet sources I have found out there for these kind of issues.

I just wanted some reassurance that I can get out of this downward spiral now rather than suffer the consequences for life.

I'm 25 and Storing Body Fat Like a Woman

Hi Jay,

You're 5 foot 8, with a 39 inch waist and 18 inch shoulders.

This tells me two things!

For one, you got short changed in the genetics department.


You've taken this unpleasant situation, and made it much worse.


By eating the wrong foods, and failing to exercise your body.

In other words, you've placed all the blame on the hormones, when you should have been looking inside yourself for some of the answers.

Let's work together to change this...

Starting today, you need to make a massive commitment to radically change the composition of your body.

You need to do whatever it takes to shift away from feminine fat distribution, so you can start packing muscle onto your frame.

Granted, due to your genetics, you can only go so far with this, but trust me...

You can go far enough that you'll begin to feel very good about yourself again.

To get started, read all info on the two pages below.

Don't stop reading until you literally own this information!

Testosterone & Exercise

The Testosterone Boosting Diet


Follow the plan exactly as described, and I guarantee you, failure will be virtually impossible.

I'm 25 and Storing Body Fat Like a Woman

Now onto your hormones...

Converting your testosterone number into ng/dl, the American standard, puts you right around 580.

Not a perfect total testosterone level, but good enough to let us know your problems are coming from something other than Low T.

Three things immediately come to mind, and my gut tells me you're probably suffering from all of them.

Elevated Estrogen

High SHBG Levels

Elevated Aromatase

Fortunately...you can reverse all of the above with the lifestyle changes mentioned earlier, and a bit of intelligent supplementation.

Follow the link below to learn how...

Estrogen, SHBG, Aromatase & Free Testosterone


You've been down a tough road, Jay, but you need to remember one very important point as you move forward.

From here on out, your happiness, or lack thereof, is all in your own hands.

Trust me...

If you take your 39 inch waist down to 34, and pack 20 pounds of muscle on your body, you'll be a new man...on the inside and on the out!

You're never going to look like a 1970's version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you will look much better than you do now.

Good enough to feel very pleased at the image staring back at you in the mirror every morning.

The key to all the above is massive, relentless, action, starting right now!

Just do it!

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