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I Don't Have Time to Exercise!

by Dan

I Don't Have Time to Exercise!

Hello Mark,

I have been browsing through your web site and there seems to be a wealth of info on it.

But I'm still not getting the answer that I'm looking for, or maybe I'm just not understanding the info in front of me.

I'm a 50 + man that is over weight and don't have time to Exercise.

I do try to eat right but sitting at a computer all day is not helping things.

My Dr. put me on Androgel 2 months ago to help my Sex Drive and to maybe give me an energy boost.

I did notice a difference in the way I feel, but using that gel stuff is a major pain.

Is there anything out there that I can use that will work as good and be easier to administer?

Also, will using HGH give me a kick start in losing weight?

Do you have anything in print?

I sit in front of a computer all day and sitting and reading my computer is more like a punishment than a joy to me.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

I Don't Have Time to Exercise!

Hi Dan,

There's no pill, cream, or potion that's going to take an overweight, 50 year old man, and fix him up for good.

And that includes the gel prescribed by your doctor.

Stay on this course, and I can assure you...

You'll be an overweight 50 year old male, with shrunken testicles, man-boobs, and hormone levels that have gone completely out of whack.

I'm sad to say Dan, there's no easy answers for a guy not willing to exercise.

No quick solutions for the man not willing to do a little bit of work.

Look at it this way...

Say you've got a rusted out old Chevy sitting in your driveway.

Is there any product on the market you could poor down the tank that would get that car looking shiny and new again?


It's going to take some elbow grease to get that vehicle up to speed.

Strip the paint, rebuild the engine, etc, etc...

You're that old car Dan!

Your body needs some help, and you're the only guy that can fix it.

I Don't Have Time to Exercise!

You say you don't have time to exercise, but we both know you really do.

It's all about priorities my friend.

Need to find more time?

Kill your TV... or at least turn it off until you've invested some time in yourself.


You don't need to spend hours and hours every week exercising.

10 -20 minutes a few times a week will get it done,


You can get control of the food that passes through your lips everyday.

Yup, diet is way more important that exercise when it comes to weight control.

If you've got a refined carb problem, address it, and you'll lose weight so fast your head will spin.


You have to make the commitment!

The commitment to exercise consistently, and be disciplined about your diet.

Once you've got these two factors under control, you'll notice something very interesting happens.

You'll feel good about yourself!

As your body leans up, and your muscle mass returns, sex drive will come on again...

Followed up by energy, optimism, and the motivation to get out really live life again.


Up the stakes a little bit!

Grab a hold of all this momentum and positive energy, and really knock your system into overdrive!


Read on...

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I Don't Have Time to Exercise
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