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I Couldn't Get It Up!

by Adam

I Couldn't Get It Up!

Hi Mark,

WOW .. thanks for your site, it is a blessing!

I got onto your site after saying something I thought I would never say to a woman...


And the truth is, it never had. After courting this beautiful creature for several weeks I could not perform. I mean not at all. My current age is 40!

I have always had a high libido, and could not ever imagine having trouble performing.

I followed your recommendations and needless to say I get a massive hit from the Estrogen blockers! I mean massive!!

I got your recommended supplements and "BOOM" in less than 4 weeks all systems back to normal.

I am a Chiropractor and am about to do talks to the men in the four practices I own, to teach them about getting their testosterone and their lives back on tract.

My question matey is about cycling the supplements.

I cycle my supplements, and I believe your observations and personal clinical experimentation to be spot on - BUT - every article you site always has the "subjects" taking the supplement daily over a period of weeks or months.

Mark the reason I ask is not to catch you out, or be clever or controversial.

Matey if you were here I would give you a big man hug!

I would like to know in case one of my clients asks during a talk, and because its bugging the hell out of me!

Again matey, thanks for your time, energy and devotion to this important topic.

What is more important than the pursuit of happiness?

NOTHING... and Testosterone makes me happy, and creative and entrepreneurial and well "Awesome"!

Warm regards


I Couldn't Get It Up!

Hello Adam,

Thank you very much for all the positive feedback, I appreciate it!

Regarding tolerance, this is one of the most common questions I'm asked.

Here's a post where I cover the topic in detail...

Don't Fall For The Cumulative Theory Hype

I spent years trying to prove that tolerance didn't exist myself, as I REALLY wanted to believe the supplement manufactures claims.

The final straw came the day I dropped big bucks on an Indonesian Tongkat Ali that I had shipped from overseas.

After waiting 2 weeks for it to arrive, I finally got it in my hands.

I followed the dosing recommendations EXACTLY as described in the literature sent with the product, and once again, I experienced an all too familiar pattern.

A big hormone hit on day one, followed by a smaller hit on day two, and on day three...absolutely nothing!

I know it can be difficult to wrap your brain around the fact that so many people have this wrong.

I used to feel that way myself.

What you need is solid, first hand evidence, you're own clinical trial if you will.

Here's what I suggest...

Find a hormone booster that you've never used before.

Here are a few suggestions...

Deer Antler Velvet


CDP Choline.

If you've never used CDP Choline, I'd recommend it for your test.

Once you have the supplement in hand, take a nice hefty dose, and pay very close attention to how you feel.

On days 2 and 3 take another dose of that exact same product, and once again pay attention to the hormone boost it delivers.

When the supplement does absolutely nothing for you by day 3, you'll have all the evidence you need.

Thanks again for the feedback.

I Couldn't Get It Up to
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