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Test Booster!
Don't Fall For The Cumulative Theory Hype

Test Booster! Don't Fall For The Cumulative Theory Hype!

Hello Mark

It's my understanding that certain sex boosting herbs, work by building up cumulatively in your system so that effects are only noticed after several days of use.

I was just wondering what your thoughts were about this?

Would it be more effective to use some of these supplements for several days, then move onto the next?

I don't have a great deal of experience with natural supplements, however this question has been bothering me so I would appreciate your insight!


Test Booster!
Don't Fall For The Cumulative Theory Hype

Hello Alex,

Yes, you hear about the cumulative effect all around the web, but reality tells a completely different story.

Time and again, my experience has proven that day one will deliver the biggest hormonal hit, followed by diminished returns on the 2nd, and absolutely nothing after the 3rd dose.

And here's where the real pain comes in...

Once you take that 3rd dose, you can bank on the fact that you're going to get hit with the tolerance slap.

Tolerance slap as in, don't even bother taking that supplement for another 3 months, because it ain't going to do squat for you now.

Think about it...

If you could take a testosterone booster for several consecutive days...and after each dose the effectiveness were to actually build instead of decline...

Androgel, Testim, the Androderm Patch, and all the other hormone replacement products never would have been manufactured....

The hormone replacement doctors would all be out of business!

And you and I would be on easy street, because this whole cycling 7 supplements business wouldn't be necessary.

Unfortunately, things are so simple...

The bottom line is, if you want to experience the benefits these T-Boosters deliver, you have to play the game.

There's simply no way around it.


If you're still not convinced, and would like to test this theory, take any one of your herbal products for several consecutive days.

Once it stops working entirely, take a full week off.

Then, take a nice healthy dose!

When you feel absolutely nothing, you'll understand this concept completely.

Thanks for your question!

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