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How To Turn Women On! Get More Sex With Wife!

by Rich
(Dallas, TX)

How To Turn Women On! Get More Sex With Wife!

Hi Mark

This is a follow up to my earlier question I sent in November.

I'm been following your plan very strictly for almost 6 months now and it's working very well.

I'm taking Natural Testosterone Supplements, eating paleo, working out, and wearing a Penis Ring to bed on most nights.

I've lost close to 25 pounds, and feel great.

My problem is, I have outpaced my wife sexually.

I ask for sex constantly, but she's only willing to go so far. Right now it's once, or on rare occasion, twice a week.

Do you have any ideas on what I can do to get her turned on more often?

I don't need it everyday, but 2 or 3 times every week would be nice.

Thanks again for everything.

How To Turn Women On! Get More Sex With Wife!

Hi Rich,

I'm glad to hear the plan is working so well for you.

From the sound of things, you've got the physical part down, but...

Your mental game needs some serious work!

I know this is true, because of this comment...

I ask for sex constantly, but she's only willing to go so far.

Let me give you one little piece of advice here!

Never beg for it, ever again!


Because begging places you in a position of weakness, plain and simple.

You're the man in this relationship, and when it comes to activity in the bedroom, you need to be in the drivers seat, always!

Remember, when you married her, you signed a legal and binding contract...a contract that said, I will never have sexual relations with another woman, for the rest of my natural life!

That's huge!

Because of this contract your woman knows, deep down inside, that she needs to take care of you sexually.

Your job is to make sure this "taking care of" happens when you really need it.

So does this mean that you can drag her into the bedroom by the hair whenever you want it.

No, it does not!

You need to play the game, just like you did when the two of you were dating.

You need to look good, smell good, be interesting, mysterious, and slightly unpredictable. Laying around the house in a stained tee shirt, with two days worth of stubble on your face isn't going to cut it.

But, being a man of action will!

If you stay busy, improving your body and your mind, you will become more attractive to your woman.

How To Turn Women On! Get More Sex With Wife!

Here's something else you need to pay attention to...

If you're the type of guy who's constantly connected at the waist with his wife, you need to sever the tie, now!.

Women are hard wired to be very social, but historically, they were social with OTHER WOMEN!

When you, as a man, step in to fill that role, you lose something in the relationship...you become a house boy, a handyman, a honey I need you to go out and...

No thanks!

During your free time pursue your passions, transform your body, build your empire.

And when you do spend time with your wife, treat her like a girlfriend.

Take her to dinner, buy her something, tell her how beautiful she is, and at the end of the night, when dinner is over, and the last sip of wine has been drunk....

Look her straight in the eye, and tell her exactly what you're going to do to her when you get home.

Play by the rules above, and I guarantee you, you'll never have to beg for it again!

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