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How to Lose Male Breast Fat

by Marko

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How to Lose Male Breast Fat
Hi Mark,

Thank you for your fantastic site.

I have a low Testosterone level of 253.

I'm 35, healthy, 6 foot and 200 pounds. I have little man boobs, I go to the gym, play soccer but I don't have any sexual desire any more.

Semi hard erections, worried, sad, I don't know what should I do?

Where do I start?

I ordered the 7 T boosters and chrysin.

Could you help me to take the supplements the right way and the right time in order to get my T back to normal?

How to Lose Male Breast Fat

Hello Marko,

You've got all the classic symptoms of a man with a severely whacked out hormone profile.

You're fearful, indecisive, uncertain, depressed...you've grown BOOBS!

I feel for you buddy, because a T level of 253 is about as weak as it get's, and you're only half way through your third decade.

Not good!

No only that, but it's clear to me that your body has forgotten that you come from the masculine side of things.

That in your system, high levels of estrogen are NOT supposed to be maintained, hung onto, recirculated!

Forgotten that you've got testicles to preserve, and you need the masculine hormones in your system to make that preservation possible!

Here's how I see your situation now...

You've gone with the flow...joined the crowd, done what just about everyone else out there is doing...those multitudes of men all dealing with suppressed sperm production, erection problems, and shriveled up, shrinking testicles.

This means you've probably been smearing chemical heavy man products on your body every morning...the Old Spice, the Right Guard, the Speed Stick, whatever.

Those same chemicals that cause a spike in estrogen levels in your system, leading to testicular atrophy and weak ejaculation volume.

This is a good start, but I guarantee you, there's plenty more.

You've also probably been playing hide and go seek from the sun, smearing more chemicals onto your body to protect yourself from that toxic, cancer killing beast.

Yea right!

Then there's the Food...not the foods that man has been eating for hundreds of thousands of years, but the new stuff.

Stuff like pizza, burgers, and french fries cooked in toxic, rancid oils...all washed down with a hop filled, malty, estrogenic beer.

Many modern men compound these problems, because the NEW crack cocaine has stepped in to sap their hormones even further.

This new "Crack" I'm referring to would be Internert Porn, and if you're like many I come into contact with, you've got a problem.

A problem as in..I no longer need to pursue, chase, and capture women (a hormone boosting activity)...because I get all the stuff I need in my dark computer room.

And let me tell you, if you're getting off 4, 5, 6 times a week, and have stopped having sex with REAL women, you WILL pay a hormonal price.

Here's the last point I'm going to make, before I leave you to explore the links above.

You say you're a healthy 200 lbs, but my question to you is...

How do you define healthy!

Does healthy in your mind include all the problems you outlined above?

Does it include 15 pounds of excess body fat scattered around your hips, butt, gut, and thighs?

We haven't met, but I'd lay down some cash that you ARE carrying around a gunny sack full of excess blubber.

I say this confidently because it takes excess body fat, and the estrogen promoting aromatase enzyme that comes along with it, for a man to take on such a strong feminine hormone profile as yours.

My advice to you now is, redefine what you mean by the word healthy!

From here on out low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, shrunken testicles....MAN BOOBS will no longer define healthy in your mind.

Only supreme and ultimate health will!

That supreme health that ONLY comes to a man who plays by the rules.

And now that you know what those rules are Marco, it's time for you to go out and play.

Good luck buddy!

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