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How to Get Motivated to Exercise!

by Darren
(Austin, TX)

How to Get Motivated to Exercise!

Hi Mark,

I'm using the testosterone boosters, avoiding chemicals, watching my diet, and attempting to exercise.

The exercise is my biggest issue.

I do a weeks worth of routines, then skip a day, then 2 days, and before you know it I haven't exercised in a month.

Out of everything, I probably need exercise the most because I have low muscle mass and I am very fat.

Can you give me any ideas for sticking to the plan.

How to Get Motivated to Exercise!

Hi Darren,

First off, I can't give you your motivation, you have to come up with that yourself!

The fact that you can't means you've got some issues to work through.

Here's your problem....

You haven't hit the threshold yet...

That threshold where you look in the mirror and think hard about your life.

Where you contemplate where you are now, where you've been, and where you're headed...

And as you picture all this, you really don't like what you see.

Where you ask yourself this tough, yet very important question...

Am I going to continue to sell myself short like this for the rest of my natural life?

Short on women, on income, on fitness, on health, and on happiness.

Here's the deal...

I'm used to dealing with men who have gone way passed the threshold.

Guys who are so fed up, they're willing to do just about ANYTHING to get their stuff back.

Until you get to that point, where your life becomes more important to you than your TV or your couch, or that box of donuts sitting in your fridge...

You're not going anywhere!

You need to do yourself a big favor right now Darren...

Look deep inside yourself.

Think about your life, and everything you're missing out on at the moment.

Then, think about everything you could have in your life if you had your act together.

Then decide what's more important to you....

Your couch and your TV, or your life!

If you chose life, good for you!

Follow the link below for info on how to make your routines more effective, interesting, and fun...

Anaerobic Exercise & Testosterone

How to Get Motivated to Exercise
to Boost Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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