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High Pitched Male! Testosterone & A Deep Voice!

by Keith
(Lakewood, Ohio)

Hello Mark,

I've always had a very high pitched voice.

Does this have anything to do with testosterone levels?

Is there anything I can do to deepen it?

Great site by the way!

High Pitched Male!
Testosterone & A Deep Voice!

Hi Keith,

Testosterone elongates the vocal chords and deepens the voice during puberty.

Studies have shown that women are more attracted to a deep male voice than they are a handsome face or a
good physique.


A man with a deeper voice will father more children, and have more success with women.

Other studies have shown that people make snap judgements based a persons voice.

High pitch is often associated with anxiety and nervousness, while a low pitch indicates self confidence and low levels of stress.

Males with lower voices masturbate more frequently compared to those who's voices are higher pitched.

They also have more sexual partners, engage in intercourse more often, and begin having sex at a younger age.

All signals that testosterone is the agent responsible for the deepening of male voices.

On average, a mans voice will be full octave lower than a woman's.

That deep male pitch is beacon, a broadcast, stating unequivocally, there's testosterone in the room, so pay attention!

So what can you do to deepen yours?

Thyroplasty is a surgery that some may recommend.

It typically used to repair damaged or weak vocal chords.

Some are opting for this invasive and risky surgery as a means of lowering the voice.

Bad idea in my opinion! Never let doctor man and his scalpel near you unless your life is in danger.

Another option is fat injection thyroplasty, where fat is injected into the folds in the vocal chords.

It works, but the deepening is only temporary, so this solution isn't ideal either.

Try these techniques instead...

When you speak, slowly exhale instead of holding in your breath.

Try this as an experiment....

First speak while holding your breath, then immediately repeat the words while exhaling slowly.

Notice a difference?


When you talk, avoid the tendency speak from your nose. Instead, bring the sound up from deep within your throat.

Try speaking both ways right now, and you'll notice a big difference.


Speak slowly.

Once again, say a phrase very quickly, then repeat it while speaking slowly.

You'll see that fast speech raises the pitch, while slow speech lowers it.


Keep in mind that your vocal chords can be trained.

If you're highly motivated, consider going to a vocal coach.

If not, practice this simple exercise for 10 minutes a day.


Count from 1 to 30 in your normal voice.

Then, lower the pitch as low as you can without straining, and count to 100.

While counting be mindful of all the suggestions above.

Breath out slowly, speak softly, and bring the sound up from deep down in your throat.

The key is relaxation.

Do not strain, push, or force the issue, or your exercises will be counterproductive.

Practice these principles in a relaxed, calm, and confident state.

Do so until they become an ingrained habit, and you'll deepen your voice permanently.

Thanks for your question!

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