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Harder and Bigger!

by Brenton

Harder and Bigger!


I've been following your testosterone cycling program for 3 weeks and am having good results. Though not overly dramatic - which may be just as well!

As a 60 year-old, I thought standing up in the morning was over - it is not - nor is the pleasure!

Thanks for that!

A general sense of increased well-being and confidence, both in and out of bed have been reassuring, along with less morning blues.

Harder and bigger brings two smiles, believe me!!

I have been taking nettles and chrysin to block estrogen - though I cannot discern their impact separately from the cycle of Testosterone Boosters.

What is the good oil on DIM - di-indole methane - as an estrogen blocker?

Have your researched it? Have you tried it?


Harder and Bigger!

Hello Brenton,

Glad things have been working for you!

Yes, I do use and recommend DIM.

DIM converts nasty estrogen's into good one's, and it works to have toxic estrogen's processed by the liver and excreted out of the body.

It a good supplement to take before heading into a chemical heavy environment.

I use it before I hit the California freeways, when getting onto an airplane, and other times when I know my chemical load is going to be high.

The nettle and chrysin are damage control supplements.

Products you want to take when estrogen levels climb too high.

How can you tell when that's happening?

If your nipples become sore, inflamed, itchy or sensitive...


If you have difficulty getting your urine stream started at night.

Both are signals that estrogen levels need to be brought back under control.

Harder and Bigger!

You said...

I am having good results. Though not overly dramatic...

I'd bet that you've gone a bit overboard with the E blockers.


Low estrogen levels can kill sex drive just as effectively as low testosterone levels can...

So don't use your E blockers everyday!

Only pull them out when you experience the symptoms described just above.

Do this and your herbal testosterone products will deliver even more of the goods you're looking for.

Good luck!

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GOoD For YoU
by: Ben

I am happy to hear that this is working for you. I am about to try and see the result so wish me luck. Lucky for me I just read some article about Low Testosterone and then I came to this page.
A million thanks for sharing your story and hopefully one day I can share mine too.

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