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Free Testosterone Libido & Sex Drive!

by Matt

A lot of what I read here & on other natural sites speaks to lack of sexual drive & regaining that "horny teenager" feeling.

I have low T 250, 9.2 free, but sexual energy is not much of an issue, the other symptoms are, energy, mood, focus, etc.

Many of your Herbal Supplement recommendations seem to focus on sex drive ie, Passion Rx & yohime.

I want to increase T. I have had testosterone pellets that helped, but after 3 months I am down on T from 300 to 250.

What do I need if I want T for these reasons & want to avoid too much sex drive?

Free Testosterone Libido & Sex Drive!

Hello Matt,

I've never met a guy with a Free Testosterone level below 10 who had a normal sex drive.

My recommendation to most men is, get your free testosterone as close to 20 as possible, and do everything in your power to keep it there.

You're either an anomaly, or your definition of sex drive is much different than mine.

Sex drive to me means waking up every day with Morning Wood, and tons of sexual energy and motivation.

When this occurs, very good things happen.


Because that sexual energy and motivation can be channeled.

Channeled into building a life more exciting and productive than you could ever imagine.

Businesses will be built, relationships created, and health restored.

Your free testosterone level is low, and your total testosterone is even worse.

You're obviously aware of this, because you've been tested.

Unfortunately, it sounds like you let doctor man get a hold of you.

He implanted testosterone pellets under your skin, and sacrificed your balls in the process.

You're problem right now is not sex drive, so forget about that right now.

You need to get your Testicles to go back to work producing testosterone.

If you happen to experience a little too much sex drive along the way, don't sweat it.

Simply get off. Remember, sex is fun!

Better yet, channel that new-found sexual energy, and do something great with your life.

When my total testosterone level was down around 250, I experienced the same symptoms of low energy, focus and drive that you're going through right now.

Once I got my levels back up where they belonged, it was like someone threw on a light switch.

My energy returned full force, my sense of humor and wit came back, my muscle mass returned, and I became happier, motivated, and full of life once again.

Many things changed in my life at that point.

This website is a byproduct of that transformation.

Almost 400 pages and counting, and I'm doing it because I want to.

No affirmations, motivational books or tapes, just pure, unadulterated, raw testosterone.

I know where you are, mentally and physically, because I've walked in your shoes.

Here's the best advice I can give you right now!

Dump the pellets, if you haven't done so already, and go to work to bring your body back into balance.

Coax your body into producing testosterone naturally the way nature intended.

And don't be afraid of a little sex drive.

Better yet, embrace it!

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