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Low free testosterone?

low free testosterone

What is low free testosterone?

Testosterone must be free, or unbound to be used by the cell receptor sites in the brain, nerves, muscles and genitals.

If I had a choice between high total or high free testosterone, I'd take the high free T every time.

What is a normal free testosterone level?

Let's skip normal, and go to optimal. Normal is the guy down the street, we want optimal..

The labcorp reference range is between 6.8 - 21.5 pg/ml

Optimal levels are going to put you in the upper 1/3 of that range. In other words the closer to 20 you are, the better you'll feel.

How do you boost low free testosterone levels?

Supplement with Chrysin and Nettle Root Extract!

SHBC or sex hormone-binding globulin is the agent that binds up your testosterone, and makes it unavailable for use by the body.

You can bring SHBC levels down by supplementing with a High Quality Nettle Root Extract.

Nettle root extract has shown to be effective at binding up SHBG, which leads to an increase of free testosterone in your system.

A side benefit of nettle is, it also acts as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Reducing DHT levels with nettle can cut your risk of developing prostate cancer, plus it can slow down the progression of male pattern baldness.


Take Chrysin to control aromatase levels.


Because the enzyme aromatase is the agent responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen in your system.

If you want to achieve a proper balance between total and free testosterone, it's imperative that you keep this enzyme in check.

Chrysin which acts as a natural aromatase inhibitor, is the supplement of choice for keeping aromatase levels down where they belong.


Take additional steps to keep your estrogen levels in check.

Follow the link below for more info...

How to Reduce Male Estrogen Levels

I'll leave you with this...

A recent report in the journal Neurology found that older men with lower levels of Free Test may be at increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. For each 50% increase in the Free Test, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s decreased by more than 25%.

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