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Foods That Increase Testosterone!


Foods That Increase Testosterone!
Increase Male Libido!

Are you looking to...

Then you need to pay attention to the foods eat!

The old school bodybuilders figured all this stuff out decades ago.

Long before you could walk into your local nutrition store and buy your muscle in a bottle, these guys figured out that what you put in your mouth, day in and day out, has a huge impact on your male hormone levels.

I going to lay this information out for you right here on this page.

Foods That Increase Testosterone!

Some of these facts may shock you!

They fly in straight in the face of all the low fat garbage the medical establishment has been preaching since the early 80's.

The advice that has caused obesity and diabetes rates to skyrocket.

You see, the information that you've been fed for the last 20 years is dead wrong.

The foods you've been told are good for you, cause all sorts of health problems.

They also sap the testosterone right out of you.

Even worse, they dramatically increase you circulating levels of estrogen.

That's right!

That's why you're carrying body fat in all the wrong places.

That's why you're muscle is gone, and it ain't coming back anytime soon....

We're going to talk about how you can change that!

Follow the links below to get started..

Nutrition & Testosterone!

In the old days it wasn't egg whites, pasta, and tofu.

It was steak, butter, and whole eggs!

Consider these facts...

Male vegetarians have lower levels of plasma Testosterone compared to their meat eating counterparts.

In a recent study, 45 men were randomly assigned to either a high fat-low fiber or a low fat-high fiber diet. The subjects followed each diet for 10 weeks.

The high fat-low fiber diet yielded 13% higher levels of total serum Testosterone compared to the low fat-high fiber diet.

The Testosterone Diet!

Fat has become the evil demon in our society, and for no good reason!

I'll have a salad, hold the cheese cheese, low cal dressing on the side please.

Sounds tasty huh?

Not to me!

Give me a rib eye, preferably grass fed, medium rare, a big dose of broccoli or any other cruciferous vegetable, with just a little taste of red wine.

Now that's health food!

Soy & Testosterone!

There's a lot of hype out there about the health benefits of soy, and how it has no impact on testosterone levels in men. The soy lobby is a very well funded and organized group.

Over the years, they've bought more scientists, influenced more government agencies, and lobbied more politicians than just about any other group out there.

I have a warning for you!

Anytime time you hear or read anything about the health benefits of soy, check the source!

Chances are, it's the soy lobby whispering in your ear.

Don't fall for it!

Foods That Increase Testosterone to Libido Foods

Foods That Increase Testosterone to low Testosterone!

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