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Food Selection vs Dieting

by Brad

Food Selection vs Dieting

Hi Mark,

I have been cycling T-boosters and following your advice for 13 months.

I feel like my Testosterone, if tested, would be in the normal range.

All of the occurrences you describe in your articles have taken place for me, except the fat loss.

I have actually gained a lot of weight, both muscle and fat.

I am getting some good advice on diet and exercise and hope to drop some pounds. But, my question is concerning how long to be on the supplements.

Do I keep cycling these supplements for life?

And, should I pay to have my Testosterone checked with any frequency to see how well my plan is working?


Food Selection vs Dieting

Hi Brad,

Glad to hear things are going so well for you!

I need to chime in on the fat accumulation before I get to your other questions..

Whenever I hear the words "Diet Advice" I always become a bit concerned.

I say this because I believe in Food Selection over diet, as diet always leads to the same destination.

Lowered metabolism combined with a higher set point.

Whenever you start dieting, your body slows down the rate it burns through calories, which eventually leads to weight gain.

And this weight gain occurs because willpower only goes so far…

And once you break down and give in, which WILL eventually happen, your ability to utilize the food you eat will have radically diminished.

So instead of burning through your daily allotment of 3000 calories, you only burn 2800 now.

This eventually leads to more weight gain, more dieting, and an even higher set point.

This sums up perfectly why overweight people can lose weight, but always gain it all back and then some.

The take home message here is, don't ever diet!

Fill your body with clean whole foods, and never starve or deprive yourself.

Then, make it a point to remove problem foods from your environment.

And what is a problem food?

Any food that you can eat when you're not really hungry.

For example, you eaten dinner to full satisfaction, and wouldn't even consider taking another bite of steak, but that sweet thing sitting in the kitchen is calling your name.

As a general rule, you need to eliminate this type of temptation from your life.


You mentioned that you've been on the plan for 13 months, but you obviously missed an important point….

High Intensity Training

Even men who have NOT perfected the diet guidelines above, lean out and muscle up when they begin doing this type of training.

In other words, weight gain is next to impossible if you're doing these exercises correctly.

The key is to push your body beyond it's current threshold, 3 times a week, which will force your body to physically adapt.

And by adapt I mean, radically increase growth hormone production, accumulate lean mass and muscle, and quickly shed excess fat.

I've never met a man who's followed these exercise protocols correctly who's body did not adapt in this manner, quickly.


Regarding your two final questions…both have already been answered in previous posts…

Your testing question is answered at the bottom of This Page

And your supplement questions were answered HERE

Good luck!

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