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Simple Method to Increase Productivity, Sex Drive, & Muscle Mass!

by Blake

Simple Method to Increase Productivity, Sex Drive, & Muscle Mass!

Hey there,

Just wanted to let you know I have ordered and am planning on taking the over the counter Testosterone Booster supplements you recommended:

I workout, Monday - Friday with Saturday and Sunday off.

I wonder if taking these supplements for 5 days on, 2 days off would be beneficial or, should I supplement with them 7 days straight?

Thanks for your advice,

Simple Method to Increase Productivity, Sex Drive, & Muscle Mass!

Hi Blake,

The bigger the gap between doses, the better.

If you can get by without the T-Boosters over the weekend, they'll definitely deliver a stronger kick when you start back up again on Monday.

As a matter of fact, your goal should be to use them even less.


Because ultimately, you want your body to take care of this process...

You want your testicles to become so productive, that you only have to pull them out on occasion.

Of course, things don't always work out as planned.

Take me for example...

I just came off an incredible run of almost 2 weeks where I didn't go near my supplements.

I was eating, sleeping and exercising right, getting out in the sun, practicing ejaculation control, staying productive, and feeling good.

A trip into smoggy downtown Los Angeles over the weekend, combined with too much of the wrong food and drink shut that good feeling down cold on Monday morning.

Fortunately, I had my supplements to fall back on.

First thing on Monday, I took a strong dose of Tongkat Ali and Trubulus, combined with a heavy squat routine, which I did in a fasting state.

This simple protocol boosted both my testosterone and human growth hormone, all in one fell swoop.

Then I got productive!

This is a critical point, as action is essential for a man looking to keep male hormones dialed in.

In other words, If I had taken the dose of testosterone herbs, then laid back on the couch to watch TV, it would have been game over.

Simple Method to Increase Productivity, Sex Drive, & Muscle Mass!

So here's my one big caveat going out to those ready to jump onto a cycle.

Go ahead and use your supplements when you need them, but don't expect much if you're blowing it in other areas in your life.


These aren't drugs, they're natural herbs.

Herbs that deliver ONLY when you create the ideal environment for them to do so.

If you've got a 10 beer a day habit, eat a junk diet, or spend half your life watching I Dream Of Genie reruns, you're going to be disappointed.

You've got to attack this problem from every angle to make this work...Diet, exercise, ejaculation control, productivity, etc, etc..

If you're not willing go all in and do everything necessary, don't waste your time or your money.

Of course, you probably got all this figured out already Blake.

My experience has shown, time and again, that men with a strong workout ethic thrive on this system.

Those looking to pop a few pills to compensate for bad habits don't.

Thanks for your question!

Simple Method to Increase Productivity
Sex Drive & Muscle Mass to Low T-Home

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Apr 19, 2014
Going All In
by: Rick

I've been chatting with Mark by e-mail for a good while now (he's really generous and always replies positively)

I've realised that 'going all-in' is the key to success so after a couple of years of ill health, weight gain, depression and doing nothing I've made the mental leap.... I'm all-in!

Juicing, getting jobs done, exercising, iodine supplementation, amino acids already incorporated, next up is zinger ring, Bathmate, testicle painting and the rest

I'm super heavy at the moment, although have started losing weight, so I'm not really able to do intense weight training/sprinting but I will get on that as soon as I feel able. Stretching, yoga, cycling and walking til then.

Finally, when I'm in good enough shape, I will start cycling the herbal T-boosters,which I already bought, and erection supplements

I'm so grateful that I found Mark's site (was an early subscriber) and I am full of hope that a full recovery of my life can be made.

Bam, that's what I like to hear!

Good luck buddy.


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