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Does Fasted Walking Burn Body Fat?

Does Fasted Walking Burn Body Fat?

Hi Mark,

I'm confused about your recent post on extreme fat burners, #3, walk while fasting to burn fat.

I thought one of the reasons interval training is superior to aerobics for fat loss is that interval training trains the metabolism to burn fat to keep glycogen levels high, because the interval training repeatedly depletes glycogen.

But aerobics train the metabolism to store fat, because the aerobic exercise requires a store of fat to burn during the exercise.

Doesn't walking while fasting defeat the purpose of interval training by conditioning the body to store fat for the regular fasting walks?

Does Fasted Walking Burn Body Fat?

Hello Anonymous,

Man's primary mode of transportation for millennia has been good old fashioned walking.

Walking prevents back problems, lowers blood pressure, removes excess glucose from the blood, relieves fibromyalgia symptoms and lowers mortality.

A regular walking schedule also gets you off the couch, outside, moving your body, which helps alleviate depression, tension and anxiety.

The National Walkers’ Health Study found an inverse relationship between walking and drug use. Those who walked the most, consistently used fewer prescription medications.

Italian researchers followed 749 people and found that those who burned the most calories walking had a 27 % lower risk of developing dementia.

And finally, as I wrote in my extreme weight loss post…walking burns up body fat almost exclusively, especially when done in a fasting state.

I do get the drift from your message, but I'm confident walking will not train your metabolism to store fat.

I walk 30 to 60 minutes daily, and so do thousands of men I've personally coached, and not one has reported any problems whatsoever with fat storage.

Now, if we were jogging 60 minutes a day, doing aerobics in the gym exclusively, or anything else along those lines, that may be a possibility.

But 30 to 60 minutes of walking, combined with intense weight training, and short interval exercises like wind sprints, and jump rope will most definitely not lead to excess fat storage.

To the contrary, it turn your body into a highly efficient fat burning machine.

Thanks for your question!

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