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Extreme Weight Loss!

3 Highly Unique Fat Busting Techniques

Extreme Weight Loss!
3 Highly Unique Fat Busting Techniques

Would you like to lose a ton of weight, fast?

Then do yourself a favor, and read the following email exchange between myself and a young man with a severe obesity problem.

Detailed inside my response, you'll find 3 Very Unusual Fat Burning Methods that you've probably never heard of before.

Techniques that will help any man or woman, burn up fat like they've never burned it up before.

Here's the email...


Hi Mark,

I can't lose weight, no matter how hard I try.

I can follow any diet for a month or two, but I always fall off the wagon with a binge eventually.

I've been severely overweight since I was a kid, and am at least 100 pounds overweight now.

It's sad because I don't eat anymore than most of my friends, but I'm huge compared to them.

I am ready to do something drastic like gastric bypass to fix this problem.

I'm really motivated, and am ready to do almost anything.

Please help me Mark!

Extreme Weight Loss!
3 Highly Unique Fat Busting Techniques


Hello Brent,

You don't have a willpower problem, you have a genetic problem.

As a matter of fact, you were screwed the day you popped out of your mothers womb.

And why is that?

Because you came into this world saddled with the "Thrifty Gene".

That very special gene that encourages your body to take every single calorie you consume, and hold onto it as if it were your very last.

This would have worked out great for you in the ice age when food was scarce, but not here and now, in the land of plenty.

You say you're ready for the extreme, and I'm going to give it to you, because I believe it's time for something extreme in your world.

In other words, 100 pounds of excess baggage and a life of health and happiness simply do not together.

OK, let's get started...

Extreme Weight Loss Technique Number 1- Thermogenesis:


I haven't taken a warm shower in 4 days, and that's the honest to god truth.

I'll admit, 4 days is a long run for me but I've gotten to the point where I can honestly say, I enjoy cold more than hot now.


For one, cold showers boost male hormone production, instantly.

I don't know of any studies that verify this, but that doesn't matter...because the facts are rolling in from the paleo and crossfit communities.

As a matter of fact, several men who run in my circle cold shower daily, and we all experience the exact same hormonal benefits.

Increased sex drive, massive energy, and EXTREME mood elevation, every single time we step out of that cold jet stream.

But it goes further than the hormones, as cold showers, or any other form of cold exposure burns up calories in double time.

Think about it...


The normal human body temperature averages right around 98 degrees.

Place your body in a 60 degree environment, and it WILL begin burning body fat stores to maintain that 98 degree temperature.

And this cold induced boost in metabolism isn't a temporary thing.

It's accumulative, long lasting...it builds up over time the longer you do it.

This all has to do with an adaptive increase in metabolically active brown fat stores in your system...

The very same fat that fuels your metabolism, and burns up that stale, stagnant white blubber parked around your hips, gut, butt and thighs.

I can personally attest to the fact that this technique works, beautifully.

The question is, do you have the guts to try it?

Extreme Weight Loss Technique Number 2- Mono Eating:

Would you like to know what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday?

Cultured, raw, sour milk, from cows that feed on green grass.


I pour off the whey, and eat the lumpy curds, plain and unsweetened.

That's what I'll probably be eating tomorrow, and quite possibly the next as well.

I know this is not true paleo food, but that's OK with me because it's pastoral, natural, healthy, and it makes me feel good.

I lose weight when I follow my cultured milk diet, and I need to lose a few after a hedonistic 4 day vacation I wrapped up last weekend.

Now, I don't always consume cultured milk during my mono eating sessions.

In the past I've used grassfed beef, wild salmon, and free range chicken or pork, all consumed with fresh, pure spring water, and that's it.

Follow this system 6 days a week, Brent...

Throw in one carb up meal on day 7 to add variety, reset thyroid function and replenish glycogen stores, and I guarantee you, the fat will drip off you like melting butter.

Of course, it takes willpower to pass on the triple cheeseburgers, king size fries, and 24 ounce beers, but you need to ask yourself...

What are my priorities?

Do you want the excess baggage, the diabetes, the cancer and heart disease, or do you want a life?

I'd choose life myself!

Extreme Weight Loss Technique Number 3- Fasted Walking:


This extreme technique requires a commitment that goes beyond simple walks.

To make this work, you need to get up an hour earlier every single day, and walk for 60 minutes in a completely fasted state.

And why fasted?

Because fasted humans burn fat for fuel, almost EXCLUSIVELY, during low intensity exercise.

And that fat burn adds up over time after many weeks, months, years and decades of walking.

And this is where the extreme part comes in, because in your case...this is not a technique you follow for a month or two and then quit.

This is a LIFETIME commitment, meaning you'll be crawling out of bed in the early morning hours, for the rest of your natural life.

But I need to temper the negative spin here, because you'll come to enjoy these walks, look forward to them once you get in the habit.

Try it for a week, and you'll be hooked.

Extreme Weight Loss!
3 Highly Unique Fat Busting Techniques

Unique Fat Busting Techniques

So would you like to know what your life will look like after you get going on these techniques?

Instead of sleeping in late, tranquilizing yourself with blazing hot showers, and feeding on foods that will only make your weight problem worse...you'll make a shift.

A shift toward increased metabolism, as brown fat stores increase in your system.

And that damaging visceral fat, that's taken control of your inner body, surrounding your heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs will begin to dissipate, as you walk it into oblivion.

And all that subcutaneous fat that resides directly under your skin will begin to melt away, as you replace industrialized swill, with healthy, whole foods, eaten mono style.

But keep one very important fact in mind as you move forward!

These techniques should be looked at as a side dish, an add on, NOT as the main course.

The main course is the muscle building regime you'll be following for the rest of your days here on earth.


That essential regime that will build muscle over your entire frame!

The very same muscle that will burn up your fat stores, 24 hours a day, even while you're laying in bed asleep at night.

Yup, muscle is the foundation upon which you'll be constructing your new house.

Never forget this fact, Brent!

Build as much of it as you can, then use the methods above to strip away the fat and expose that lean body you've had deep inside you all along.

7 Minute Muscle is a program that will help you get all the muscle you need.

Watch the video now, and if it looks like a good fit, buy it.

Extreme Weight Loss!
3 Highly Unique Fat Busting Techniques

I'm going to close this post out with a brief analogy, Brent.

Right now, you're laying on your death bed, the grim reaper looking over your shoulder.

This may sound ridiculous to you now, but trust me, it's not!

At 100 pounds overweight, death WILL come sooner than later if you don't do something about this problem, now.

But you're lucky, because unlike a terminally ill cancer or heart patient, your condition is entirely reversible.

Admittedly, due to your genetics, it will take EXTREME measures on your part to make the transition, but you can make it happen!

And the key?

Focus on the prize, and NEVER - EVER think about what you're losing in this bargain.

Think ONLY about the things you will gain... the most important of which is, more living...more life here on this beautiful green earth!

We're all cheering for you buddy.

Now get up and go after it!

Extreme Weight Loss 3 Highly Unique
Fat Busting Techniques to Low T-Home

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