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Death of Wife, Testosterone, & Mortality!

by John

Testosterone for health rather than sex drive


I am 61 and a disabled veteran. My wife died a few years ago.

My doctor now says my testosterone is low. Low testosterone has bad effects besides sex drive.

That is why I am interested in raising my testosterone, for the other effects, not for sex drive.

What would be a good remedy or Supplement for combating those other effects?


Death of Wife, Testosterone, & Mortality!

Hi John,

Sorry to hear about the death of your wife, that had to be a very tough experience.

You're absolutely correct that testosterone effects much more than just sex drive.

Mood, energy, happiness, motivation, and zest for life all disappear when the T tank becomes empty.

Health issues may begin to occur as well, such as low bone mass, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even premature death.

Your decision to do something about your low testosterone is a very wise one.

I think part of your problem may have to do with the death of your wife.

A study out of Harvard Medical School examined the medical records of more than 500 couples age 65 or older for a period of nine years.

The researchers examined the effect of illness in one spouse on the risk of illness in the other, a condition called the caregiver burden.

The researchers also looked at the effect of the death of one spouse on the mortality of the other, which is known as the widower effect.

The take home message was, when one partner becomes seriously ill or dies, the risk that the caregiver spouse will also become ill or die increases quite significantly.

I've been contacted by many widowers since I started this website, and I can confirm that this is quite a common problem.

The temptation to give up, check out, and fade away when a spouse passes on, is real.

The feelings of depression, and hopelessness that follow the death of a wife can have a major impact on male hormone levels.

These low hormones can lead to even more sadness, depression, and feelings of hopelessness.

Fortunately, you don't have to lay back and watch all this happen.

You can take action, and do something about it!

I'm not a doctor, so I'm not allowed to give out medical advice.

What I can do, is talk about my experiences...

Below are the steps I took to bring my testosterone levels back up to normal.

I Began Cycling Natural Testosterone Boosters

I Wore a Ball Zinger Penis Ring Every Night

I Burned body Fat and Built Muscle

I Reduced My Male Estrogen Levels

I Switched to a Testosterone Boosting Diet

Thanks for your question John, and good luck to you!

Death of Wife Testosterone & Mortality to
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