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Clean Bulk! How to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle!

by Joshua

Clean Bulk! How to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle!

Hello Mark,

I came upon your site after a Google search about Testosterone and I have a question.

I am 5'8 at 186 lbs, body fat not sure, but I'm guessing around the range of 13-17%, but I do see definition.

I recently was trying to cut out body fat, but when I read your website, I apparently was doing it the wrong way.

So basically, I'm in a period of cutting, and then clean bulking.

What is your recommendation on this?

What about when someone wants to clean bulk?

Is your T-diet plan part of this process?

I would appreciate your answers!

Clean Bulk!
How to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle!

Hello Joshua,

Just a quick disclaimer for those who don't know...

A clean bulk is a training phase where you attempt to gain muscle, without packing on too much fat.

This phase can turn into a serious danger zone for many, as calories need to be increased to make this happen.

Many of the lifting gurus tell their student to go on some sort of mass diet plan during this phase.

In other words, dramatically increase calories in order to fuel the muscle growth that will soon follow.

Unfortunately many recruits turn this into the large pepperoni pizza, triple fudge ice cream, Hostess Twinkie plan.

So instead of packing on lots of muscle, and very little body fat, they put on some muscle and boat loads of fat.

Clean Bulk!
How to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle!

I take a much different approach...

I typically follow a paleo diet, with some full fat dairy thrown into the mix.

I don't do dairy all the time, but when I'm looking to bulk up, it's always part of my plan.

Remember, mother nature designed milk with one major purpose in mind...

To take a tiny defenseless infant, and quickly pack muscle, bone, and mass onto it's frame in order to increase the chances of survival.

Milk accomplishes this task in beautiful fashion, due to it's action on insulin.

Insulin is a powerful anabolic hormone, and the whey fraction in milk spikes insulin levels in the body, quickly and substantially.

This is why the old school bodybuilders latched onto milk with such gusto more than 80 years ago.

Because it works!

Keep in mind, all this occurred long before the highly processed, denatured whey protein powders were developed.

Sure these artificial products will spike insulin, but personally, I don't consider them real food.

That's why you'll never see me drinking a fractionated, processed, denatured protein powder shake, that so many of the gurus recommend.

So how do I bulk up?


I add raw, full fat milk to my diet to increase calories, spike insulin, and fuel anabolic growth.

Then I put on my workout gear, and hit the weights like a mad man.

And when I'm looking to cut, I simply fall back onto my regular paleo diet.

Or non diet rather, as I don't consider paleo a diet, but a way of life.

A way of life that places me back into harmony with nature...

And a man in harmony never has to worry about dieting, hunger, or weight loss.

Mother nature makes sure of that!

Clean Bulk How to Burn Fat Without
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