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Body Hair, Men, & Testosterone!

by John H.

Body Hair, Men, & Testosterone!

Hi Mark,

I recently experienced the loss of a significant amount of my body hair.

I've lost it in the pubic area, on my arms, under my arms, and on my chest and back.

My doctor ran a blood panel, and found that I have very low levels of total and free testosterone.

He's recommending the Androderm Testosterone Patch to bring my T levels back up, and feels that this treatment will reverse the hair loss problem.

I realize you're not allowed to give medical advice, but I would like to know what you would do if you were in my shoes.

Thank you!
John H.

Body Hair, Men, & Testosterone!

Hi John,

I wouldn't go on the Androderm patch, or any other type of Testosterone Therapy, that's for sure!

The patch is a band aid, and doctors love using band aids, because they're quick, easy, and profitable.

It takes a lot more work to dig in, and get to the root of a problem.

Unfortunately, most doctors don't have the time, or the motivation to do any digging

That means you have to do it all yourself.

If I were you, I'd be asking myself, why is this happening to me?

Severely low testosterone levels, combined with a significant loss of body hair, is unnatural.

You've somehow taken your body out of balance, and now, it's up to you to find out how and why.

Body Hair, Men, & Testosterone!

I know a guy, who was a very successful businessman.

He hit the wall about 5 years ago, got burned out, and completely checked out of the business world.

He sold his business, switched to a 100% vegetarian diet, and began a new life as a yoga instructor.

Quite a transformation indeed!

He lost a ton of weight, most of which was muscle, but in the long run, he lost a lot quite a bit more than that..

I ran into him about 2 years ago at a local farmers market, and was shocked to see that he had gone completely bald.

This was a guy who had a full, thick head of hair, for as long as I knew him.

After a bit of discussion, I found out it wasn't just the hair on his head, he'd lost all of the hair, over his entire body!

He was completely hairless!

This guy had gone hardcore vegan, meaning he didn't eat any animal products whatsoever.

These types of vegan diets, are typically, very low in protein and zinc.

Low dietary levels of protein lead to high levels of sex binding globulin, which locks up testosterone, making it unavailable for use by the body.

Zinc is critical for optimal testosterone production.

Since most of the zinc found in nature is in animal foods, such as meat and diary, vegans have a tendency to be deficient.

Combine zinc deficient foods with high consumption of grains, and wheat gluten, both of which interfere with zinc absorption, and the problem goes from bad to worse.

I'm sure the issues above were the cause of my friends problems.

Unfortunately, he had taken a religious like, dogmatic approach, to his vegetarian diet, and was unwilling to have an open minded discussion on the subject.

Sadly, to this day, he's still very thin, pasty white, and completely hairless.

Body Hair, Men, & Testosterone!

You asked me what I would do if I were in your shoes, John.

If I were you, I'd wake up first thing in the morning, and dive head first into the following...

Male Estrogen Reduction

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone Boosting Diet

Testosterone Boosting Exercise

Good luck!

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