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Androgel & Optimal Estrogen Levels in Men!

by George


I am 44 years old and had all the symptoms of a low testosterone male with little Libido, lack of energy, feelings of depression, and so on.

I had my testosterone levels and estrogen levels tested and my T levels were 176 and Estrogen levels were 66.

The Doctor told me my wife was probably producing more Testosterone than I was.

I was prescribed Androgel (5Mg) per day. I have been on the HRT for only a month and feel a lot better.

Energy levels are great, back in the gym everyday, sleep is awesome but my appetite is out of control.

I will be tested again on both the T and E levels in 2 more months and I will let you all know the results!

I am looking forward to see the differences! Anyway, I exhibited all of the symptoms of a male with high Levels of Estrogen.

I am praying that I am looking at that in my rear view mirror!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could take to lower my E levels naturally, because I don't like drugs and prefer the natural way of doing business!

Androgel & Optimal Estrogen Levels in Men!

Hi George,

It's pretty tough to argue that you prefer the natural way of doing business, when you get your testosterone out of a bottle.

Natural to me would mean, my very own testicles manufacture the testosterone I need.

I can't blame you for this though.

We're brought up in this country to follow the lead of doctors, blindly, without question.


Doctor man is god, and you always do exactly what god tells you to do.

But you need to remember something George....Doctor man doesn't heal or cure people anymore.

He medicates!

Medicates with substances that mask symptoms, but do not get to the root of the problem..

Substances that always come along with side effects.

Let's use you as an example here George.

Consider these questions for a moment...

Will that testosterone sitting in your medicine cabinet do anything about your elevated estrogen levels?

Will it strengthen your testicles, and encourage them to produce more testosterone, naturally?

Will it create a natural harmony in your system between all of the sex hormones, including estradiol, luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, progesterone, testosterone, etc...

Nope, not even close!

This blunt force approach advocated by your doctor will shut down your testicles, and reduce your natural testosterone production.

It will also create an environment of disharmony between all of your sex hormones.

You asked me about natural estrogen supplements, and for good reason.

Your E levels are at 66, which places you deeply into the feminization zone.

Doctor man will usually tell you that anything below 50 is normal.

Once again, I have to disagree with him.

If my levels ever start approaching 30, I start losing sleep at night.


Because I want to be a muscular, motivated, energetic, confident male, not a woman.

Less than 30 is what it takes to make all of the above possible.

Unfortunately, when you're on testosterone replacement therapy, meds are the only way to make that happen.

You're only 44 years old..

In my book, that puts you about 4 decades ahead of schedule for any type of hormone replacement therapy.

Yup, this is old man stuff, and you're far too young for any of it, in my opinion.

My recommendation to you is, get a 2nd, 3rd, or even a 4th opinion.

Keep at it until you find a good naturopathic doctor.

A medical man who doesn't pull out the prescription pad each and every time a body walks through the front door.

A doctor who believes in the following principles....

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Response to Mark's Recommendations about the 44y/o Man
by: BM

Thanks Mark for your insightful and compassionate thoughts! You are changing peoples lives!! Any seminars in the future??

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