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60 Year Old Injecting Testosterone

by Mark Wilson

I have an interesting neighbor….

A guy in his sixties who I believe is injecting hormones.

His body composition and behavior around other people
are what give him away.

He's real cocky. But not in a good way.

And he's not cocky all the time…

He swings back and forth like a child on a playground

And here's what really get's to me…

When he's high on juice he stares at my wife way
too Long...

Talks way too loud. And way too much.

But when he's low, he won't even make eye contact.

This is why I believe he's injecting…

Because T-Gels are applied daily, so the buzz is more even.

But when you inject, you do it less frequently…

So the buzz comes on real harsh and real strong.

So cocky behavior is almost a given.


When that buzz wears off the lows can be absolutely

So low in fact, that eye contact is even difficult.


I'd have to say that this guys testosterone plan has failed miserably...

He's not happy most of the time, that's for sure.

He's not healthy….

And no one around here seems to like him very

Not even his wife.

But that's another story entirely :)


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