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Weight Loss & Erectile Dysfunction!

by Anonymous

Hi Mark!

Love your web site!

I'm 44 years old fighting Erectile Dysfunction, and am over weight.

I've been using your recommended supplements for 2 months now.

I've also changed my diet and the way I exercise for the last 3 weeks.

Things are definitely improving. Thanks so much for all this info!

I have one question.

In the book Hardness Factor he says to take 3g of arginine once a day.

I read somewhere on the internet you need at least 5g a day for ED. I have been taking .75g to 1.25 about 4 times a day.

Should I start taking 5g all at once instead.

Not sure if it makes a difference to take all at once or to split it up.

Thanks again for your web site!

Weight Loss & Erectile Dysfunction!


I'd like to state first that your main priority needs to be weight loss.

The Testosterone Boosters you're taking should help you with the energy and motivation to get that done.

You can mess with arginine dosages, but until that weight drops off, you're not likely to experience any dramatic results in the erectile dysfunction department.

Right now, you most likely have too much estrogen in your system, and estrogen and strong erections are not bedfellows.

You've been at the diet and exercise thing for 3 weeks.

Good for you, but make sure you keep at it.

Your sex life, and your life in general depend on it!


The erections will come on, as the body fat comes off.

The arginine dosage I recommend is 3 grams, all at once, in combination with 100-150 milligrams of pycnogenol.

There's a beautiful synergy going on between these two supplements, that improves the effectiveness of both.


Look into the Ball Zinger Penis Ring once you've gotten your weight down.

It's works wonders for those suffering with ED.

It's as simple as that!

Follow the recommendations above, and your erections will come knocking at your door in no time.

Good luck to you!

Weight Loss & Erectile Dysfunction to Boost Testosterone-Home

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