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Watermelon, Citrulline & Erectile Dysfunction!

by Don

Watermelon, Citrulline & Erectile Dysfunction!

Hi Mark,

I had a relapse into Erectile Dysfunction a few weeks ago consisting of less erectile response to stimulation resulting in premature ejaculation.

The best I can figure is either that my rotation did not have enough individual herbs to take daily, or I was no longer getting adequate L-citrulline, as watermelon season is coming to an end.

I had been eating copious amounts of the stuff until about the middle of August, when the season was ending and it was starting to lose its

Since then I have added 3 grams of L-arginine and 1 gram of L-citrulline nightly before bedtime along with ZMA and pycnogenol.

Also, I have introduced several supplements into my rotation, including Korean red ginseng, cordyceps, Siberian root (Eleutherococcussenticosus), Fo-Ti, radix morindae officinalis, and schizandra to
create a fourteen-day rotation.

I am also eating 1/4 cup of dried gogi berries each day for breakfast.

The ED has all but vanished after five days of the additional supplements.

I do have a few questions.

1. I would like to know what physiological effect each supplement has so that I can spread out herbs based on biology.

For example, I like to spread out my LH increasers, adaptogens, dopamine enhancers, and
exogenous hormones such as deer antler and pregnenolone.

If you know, what are the physiological effects each of these new herbs, and is this a good rotation strategy?

2. Do you have any idea what could have caused the recurrence of my ED so I can avoid it from happening in the future?

I look forward to any help you can give.


Watermelon, Citrulline & Erectile Dysfunction!

Hi Don,

The ED could have returned for a number of reasons...

Exposure to chemicals, increased blood sugar levels, less sunlight exposure, elevated blood pressure, reduced citrulline consumption, stress, etc, etc..

Or, you could have just been having a bad week!

The bottom line is, you fixed the problem, because of your willingness to continue tweaking.

This is critical, as you know your body better than me or anyone else ever will, and that includes your doctor.

Stay the course, pay attention to your body, and keep doing exactly what you're doing.


That longer you play the game, the better you get at it.

Regarding the individual sex drive supplements...

I've never sat down and figured out the physiological effects of each and every product I take, and I'm not even sure that would be possible.

Patents aren't available for these supplements, so the corporate backing to fund studies isn't there.

Sure there is some information around, but not much.

But that doesn't really matter to me, because I prefer to go on instinct...

Over time, I've discovered exactly how my supplements effect me.

For example...

If I wake up feeling lethargic, unmotivated, with no sex drive, I reach for the Tongkat Ali.

On days where my brain is working in slow-mo, I grab my CDP Choline.

When I'm slightly moody or depressed, Rhodiola Rosea
always does the trick.

Here's the way I look at it...

If you need to put a spread sheet together to keep track of what you're doing, things are getting too complicated...

Keep it simple!

Eat the right foods, exercise the right way, get out in the sun, and be productive.

And when things don't go as planned, step it up!

Hit the supplements hard, or jump head first into an intense edging session.

Over time, you'll find that it's the little tweaks that get you back on course.

So make the adjustments, then move on...

And when the inevitable bad day hits you?

Take a look at the sorry condition of the average male around you...

Then pat yourself on the back for having the grit and determination to follow a different path.

Good luck!

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