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Volume Pills, Erections, & Supplement Dosages!

by Sam

Volume Pills, Erections, & Supplement Dosages!

Hi Mark,

Thanks!!! Your site has been great.

I was amazed at all the good information here, and I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon it.

Had a quick question regarding the Testosterone Boosting Supplements..

I bought the 7 like you recommended. What dosages worked best for you?

Should I follow what is on the manufactures label or should I take more?

I am 200 lbs and have no health conditions other than low- T and have difficulty getting full erections.

What do think about Ropex (The Swedish Ropes Formula)?

Have you tried it?

Is it as great as what I have read?


Volume Pills, Erections, & Supplement Dosages!

Hi Sam,

Shelling out for expensive volume pills is unnecessary, which you'll discover after you've been on the plan for a while.


Because increased ejaculation volume is one of the sweet side effects of this system.

All you have to do is...

Cycle your testosterone boosters.


Combine them with a couple of Edging sessions per week.

Do these two things, and your ejaculation volume will increase dramatically in a matter of days.

Volume Pills, Erections, & Supplement Dosages!

The Erectile Dysfunction issue is a bit more complicated.

I'm going to assume you're not taking any medications.

If I'm wrong, that's the first place you should look.

If not, your problem is most likely caused by your low testosterone levels,


Poor blood flow to your penis.

The supplements and edging are a good starting point...

To really attack your erection issues, add the following to your daily regime.

Ball Zinger Penis Ring

The Zinger is a Galvanic Ring that you wear around your penis and testicles.

The vast majority of the regular visitors to this site own and use the Zinger on a daily basis.

With it's electrodynamic zinc, copper, or silver rods this device acts as a natural battery.

These metallic rods produce a steady flow of energy once they come into contact with the moisture on your skin.

The small amount of electrical current they produce stimulates the leydig cells of the testicles to produce more testosterone.

This electric energy also increases circulation throughout the testis and penis, which improves the strength, frequency, and firmness of your erections.

Penile Exercises

Many doctors are now recommending pumping and manual manipulation of the penis to treat erectile dysfunction.

Theoretically, these methods both work by breaking up calcification in the arteries leading into the penis.

I've seen no science to back this up,


I have plenty of first hand evidence from site visitors, that penile exercises do definitely improve erectile function.

Best of all...

They're completely natural, and come along with the pleasant side effect of increased penile length and girth.

The downside is, there's a time commitment involved.

If you can't commit to a minimum of three 20 minute sessions per week, don't even bother getting started.


Regarding dosages...

Everyone responds differently, so it may take a few cycles for you to get things exactly right.

Here are a few general guidelines to keep in mind...

Most guys do well with 2 caps of the Passion Rx.

At that dosage, you'll most likely get the sex drive without any negative side effects.

With the other Herbal Supplements, start off with twice the recommended dose, and work your way up or down from there depending on how they kick in.

To notch things up, try chasing your supplements with half a bottle of 5 hour energy.

This tip was sent to me by a site visitor, and it really seems to enhance the hormonal kick these supplements deliver.

Good luck!

Volume Pills, Erections, & Supplement Dosages to
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Thanks Boost Your Low Testosterone
by: Visitor

I appreciate your site even if the topic is kinda sensitive and you took it seriously. I wanna say thank you as well for helping and I would say that one of your article did really a big help so just post more and more.

Another 5 stars!
by: Ben

I will give you five stars again since for me this is a wonderful guide and a wonderful site. ( low testosterone )
I wanna say thank you for encouraging me and giving me hope. This is something that no other site can offer. God bless for your good work!

by: John Steven

Wow!I am having hard time to explain more about the good stuff that this product can do and not only that this site has a blog section where I read peoples reaction and comments. I would say that it is really something and I will give you a two thumbs up for a topic that talks about Low Testosterone for your work.

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