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TRT Alternative & the Art of the Mini Orgasm

by Denny Moore
(Beavercreek, Ohio)

TRT Alternative & the Art of the Mini Orgasm

Hi Mark,

The wife has really gotten into the tease and denial thing with me in regards to Edging for my testosterone benefit.

We usually have a session every morning before my workout and every night before bed.

She has come to see the benefits of her labor and likes it ALOT! Bigger muscles, leaner, great mood, real horny for her, etc, etc.

She was thinking that if one orgasm a week is good, maybe one every 2 weeks would be better? She has a mild evil streak.

I told her I didn't know the answer and would have to consult the "T" GOD!

Also, I have one other question.

She usually brings me to the point of almost no return, sometimes I squirt, but I don't orgasm.

Is this OK or should I not go that far?

Thanks for all usual!

TRT Alternative & the Art of the Mini Orgasm

Hi Denny,

All I can say is...you married good!

I think it's fantastic your partner sees the benefits of all this, and is willing to jump in there with you.

Think about it...

In essence, she's stepped in for you and acted as a surrogate for testosterone replacement therapy.

So instead of injecting, you get your T hit in the form of sexual stimulation from your woman.

And the benefits are almost identical to TRT, but without the negative side effects.

Yup, you get a daily surge of testosterone, just as if you had applied the needle or rubbed on a gel.

And this testosterone is coming from your own testicles, not a vile, tube, or packet.

It's all good buddy, and I have to congratulate you on pulling this together.

I tell men all the time, if you play your cards right you CAN get your woman on board with this.

It's not that tough to do, because with women, it's not about the climax or the orgasm.

They could care less about that stuff...they want emotional intimacy, conversation, and affection.

Give your woman THESE things, and she'll follow you to the moon and back, if that's what you want.

Now onto your questions...

I recommend limiting ejaculations to once or twice a week, but that doesn't mean you can't try out a longer period

What you could do is attempt a trial run of 2 weeks to see how it goes.

If hormones remain high (I'm confident they will), and you don't become too preoccupied with sex (not so confident on this one), then go for it.

And those mini orgasms you're experiencing?

These are very common, and are nothing to worry about.

As long as your refractory period remains VERY short, you're good to go.

Here's the best way to look at it...

A short refractory period equates to a strong hormone profile.

A long refractory period means your hormone tank has run dry.

Keep yours short at all times, and you'll always have plenty of male hormones in the bank.

Thanks for the update Denny, keep up the good work!

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Short Refractory Period
by: Anonymous

What is a short refractory period? 15 minutes? an hour? Half a day? etc. Is it age dependent?

Hi there,

Good question!

I'd say ten minutes for a 20 year old, twenty or so for a 30 year old, half an hour for a 40-50 year old, and up to an hour once you surpass 70 or so.

These are just rough estimates, based on my personal experience.

I think the key for most men is, take your current refractory period, and work to reduce it.


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