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Tongkat Ali Review!

Tongkat Ali Review

A Site visitors testifies to the power of the best testosterone boosting herb mother nature has to offer.

I'll admit it, I'm a chicken when it comes to putting anything in my body.

I had a very strong reaction to ibuprofen when I was a kid, and I've never really gotten over it.

The Tongkat was particularly scary, because I knew I needed to take 5 caps.

I pulled out my benadryl just in case I had a reaction, and went ahead and popped 10 pills.

After about two hours, I started thinking to myself, another bogus supplement, and another 30 bucks down the drain.

Then, right around lunch time I started to feel a flush in my groin area and I knew that the Tongkat was kicking in.

Over the next 2 hours I began to develop a very powerful surge of horniness, for lack of a better word. This feeling stayed with me throughout the day.

I also found that I was very confident.

While I was walking my dog, I stopped and had a long and interesting conversation with a guy from down the street.

I found out that he's actually a fairly famous tennis coach, and a real interesting guy.

I just never had much to say to him in the past, but today was different. I was very sure of myself, and I hate to say this but I was interesting.

It's very unlike me to talk much, I'm more of the listening type, but I stood shoulder to shoulder with him in the verbal banter department, and he's a very confident and talkative guy.

It felt good!

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Tongkat Ali Review!

I work from home, and my wife works out of an office, so she was gone most of the day.

Due to horniness factor, I was very eager for her to get home from work. I whipped up some food, and cracked open a bottle of wine, hoping she'd have a glass.

She's very picky about drinking, and will only partake about once a week, so I was keeping my fingers crossed.

She took the glass, and drank it with dinner, and I knew I was in for a good time. She's very much a light weight, and is always game for sex when she's tipsy.

After dinner I coaxed her into the bedroom, and we got down to lovemaking.

As far as how this experience went, all I can say is Wow!

From the start, I was very aggressive, very horny, and very erect!

Before she even touched me, I was hard as a rock!

She took one look me and said, what has gotten into you?

Out of respect for my wife, I'm not going to get into heavy detail, but I will say this.

Due to my aggressive nature, my wife submitted to me.

She became extremely submissive and I became very dominant, which was a real turn on for both of us.

We had fallen into real some boring routines in bed, and it was very nice to experience something so different.

I woke up this morning with a nice afterglow, and I'm still in a very good mood today. I'm not as intensely horny, but I still have a very healthy libido.

I am not going to make the mistake of overusing Tongkat Ali, because I want to re-live this experience many more times in the future.

Overall I give this supplement an A+

Tom Aberly
Lorain Ohio

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