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Sex Potions for Men!

by Derby


I have tried all kinds of sex potions and none of them worked.

Having received my Tongkat Ali a few weeks ago I duly followed the instructions and took my daily dose.

A week went by, and my penis was as Flaccid as ever!

If anybody is out there who can recommend a sex potion that works, please post your answer!!!

Sex Potions for Men!

Hello Derby,

You're not paying attention my friend!

You took your Tongkat Ali daily, for an entire week!

I'm not even a little bit surprised your penis is as flaccid as ever.

Chronic usage like this is something none of the regular visitors around here would EVER consider doing.


Because your body gets wise when you take the exact same supplement several days in a row.

These sex potions, as you called them, need to be rotated on a daily basis to be effective.

You've fallen into the same trap millions of other men have fallen into....

They take a sex potion, and feel a big surge of sexual energy on the very first day.

But when they go back to that herb again, they feel nothing but frustration because that sexual surge is no where to be found.

Now, think about this for a moment...

What if you had of taken your Tongkat Ali on Monday, then put it away for a week?

On Tuesday, you pulled out your Catuaba Bark, took a strong dose, then put it away for 7 days as well?

Wednesday, Mucuna Pruriens, Thursday, Tribulus Terrestris, etc, etc...

You asked for someone to recommend a sex potion that works, and my answer to you is, you already have one!

Unfortunately, due to your chronic usage, you've burned that herb. Now it needs to be dropped for at least 3 months before you use it again.

If you'd like to start over, and do things right, take a few minutes to educate yourself first.

Follow the plan EXACTLY as described, and I guarantee you, you'll light up your erections again.

If you're not willing to do this, then don't waste your time or your money.

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