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Tongkat Ali, Estrogen, & Bigger Testicles!

by Freyer
(Brussel Belgium)

After using Tongkat Ali extract 1:100 for about a week, I noticed a significant increase of the size of my testicles of at least 15%.

The doses I used was 4x 2 capsules of 650mg (5200mg) extract or 520g of tongkat ali root a day.

After that week the increasing of the testicles stopped.

Now I will start the Blakoe Ring to see what the effect will be and I will also try a stinging nettle extract.

I am an estrogen dominant type, so trying to Reduce Estrogen Levels would be very helpful to increase testosterone.

Afterwards I will try butea superba and estrogen balance for about a week each.

Will inform you of my personal evolution.

Tongkat Ali, Estrogen, & Bigger Testicles!

Hello Freyer,

Thanks for the feedback!

Tongkat Ali was the herb that really got me going on Natural Testosterone Boosters in the first place.

The effects can be very powerful, especially when it is cycled properly.

The cycling is the part that you missed.

I would advise you not to take it for a week straight the next time you dose.

If you do, your body will quickly wise up, and it will completely stop working for you.

A better plan is to cycle several T boosters, and take each for one day only, then move onto the next.

This will keep your body off balance and guessing at all times.

Follow this plan, and they will deliver the goods for you each and every time you take them, week in and week out.

Combine the above with daily use of the ball zinger blakoe ring, and some supplements to control estrogen,
and you'll be flying high in no time.

Good luck!

Tongkat Ali, Estrogen, & Bigger Testicles to
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