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The Masculine Trait That Turns All Women On

by Mark Wilson

Women love the sight of a V Shaped Man.

Research has shown that this attraction is something all females are born with.

Because the V represents strength. Safety. And security to a woman.

And even more important - fertility.

Meaning I would have No Problems mating with this guy.

Women are attracted to other traits as well…

But the V is the only one you have Complete control over.

Unless you can magically grow three inches. Develop a chiseled jawline. Or a more symmetrical face.

Not likely.

Here's an important point:

Your current V shape (or lack thereof) can easily be changed. Improved upon….

With a Minimal Time Commitment.

But you need to establish your baseline before you set any expectations for yourself…

No use chasing down Arnold if your genes say otherwise.

So what is your baseline?

The body you had when you were 25 years old.

That's your genetic standard.

So picture this standard - then ask yourself an honest question:

Are you there?

I'll answer honestly and tell you this. I'm not.

I don't look exactly like I did when I was 25 years old.

But I'm close enough. And that's all that matters…

Because I'm not looking for Perfection. I'm looking for Efficiency.

Efficiency Defined As: How can I maintain my Masculine Edge…

Without turning into a Gym Rat. Or an Ironman Triathlete.

Now here's the good news…

It took me a few decades but I finally figured this one out.

And if you haven't - it's about time.

Order Carb Backloading Today…

And I'll send you my diet course. And my 10 Minute Exercise Course.

On the house.

Order This. You Get All Three

(Shoot me an email after you order)


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