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Testosterone Replacement & Atrophied Testicles!

by Laurence Lee
(Eilat, Israel.)

Testosterone Replacement & Atrophied Testicles!

The last 3 years I have had virtually no sex drive whatsoever.

Frankly, I wasn't too bothered, thinking at 57 this was perfectly normal.

Whilst the younger engineers I worked with were getting into a frenzy over the scantily clad females I was able to work cooly and efficiently even in the 46 degrees C temperatures in Eilat on the Red Sea. Perhaps I should mention we are refrigeration engineers.

However, my wife of 20 years was not satisfied and kept badgering me to see my doctor. Well he referred me to a Urologist and the Urologist referred me to an endocrinologist who diagnosed that I had Low Testosterone.

Now as I am a Brit living in Israel, I was fortunate to get an American endo----.

He gave me a long list of things I had to do before I came to see him again. The main one being to get a 250mg injection of testosterone every 2 weeks by the nurse at the health centre.

This is a viscous solution and does cause some discomfort. Now, not a lot happened for about a month. But after that there was a definite increase in err---um the need to have nookie.

Now this was definitely satisfying "her-indoors" requirements but alas not all of mine. It now seems my requirements now exceed her own. She is the same age as me.

I sometimes wonder if it wasn't better before. But at the same time, this is a lot of fun.

I have read there is a rapid fall-off of interest at the cessation of treatment that can cause emotional highs and lows. But I suppose there can be some type of repeat treatment.

It amuses me at how some of the younger engineers involved in body building are actually envious because I am being prescribed testosterone on the health fund. I did try Viagra once, it had no effect whatsoever!

I have never suffered from erectile dysfunction, it was simply lack of interest.

The Endochhrynologist says my brain was sending the right message to produce testosterone, but hardly any was being produced. Now this works, but ejaculation is minimal.

I am not an Israeli and really don't want to ask if anything can be done about the latter. I suppose at my age I shouldn't expect too much.

Why do Israeli men cum so quickly? So they can rush off and tell all their friends about it!

Thank goodness I do not fall into that category.

Interestingly, my Ferritin level was low. The doctor thought the testosterone would increase this but it didn't.

So now I am getting an iron supplement by diffusion once a week for 10 weeks. Already there has been a marked increase in my sexual appetite.

Lucky it will soon be Valentines Day. I can get my wife a gift voucher for the Sex Shop so she can play "catch-up"!

Testosterone Replacement & Atrophied Testicles!

Hello Laurence,

Thanks for your detailed message!

You've experienced first hand just how powerful Testosterone can be.

You do need to remember though, it's not just about the sex drive.

It's about maintaining optimal muscle and bone mass, proper blood sugar control, energy, mental function, etc, etc..

In other words, you may have felt a certain amount of indifference about the sex, but testosterone does much more than just get you into the sack with your wife.

Testosterone Replacement & Atrophied Testicles!

When you said...

I have read there is a rapid fall-off of interest at the cessation of testosterone treatment that can cause emotional highs and lows.

You were absolutely right!

When your endo put you on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, in essence, he put you on it for life. (At least in his mind)

I say that because, if you were to go off it tomorrow, you would experience a dramatic reduction in quality of life.

Since your testosterone has been coming to you from an outside source, your testicles will most likely have atrophied, and shut down production.

The T is already there, so why make any more?

This means that when you go off the TRT, your hormone levels are going to crash and burn.

Of course, you can take action to prevent this from happening.

You can pursue alternatives, that will encourage your body to produce more testosterone, on it's own, naturally.


You can continue using the hormones sitting in your medicine cabinet, for the rest of your natural life.

I personally prefer the alternatives...

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Ball Zinger Penis Ring

Control Male Estrogen Levels

Testosterone Replacement & Atrophied Testicles to Boost Testosterone-Home

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