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Testosterone Facial Appearance & Bone Structure!

by David

Hi there Mark,

First of all, fantastic website!

I've never seen so much information regarding testosterone and HGH all on one site.

I have an enquiry to make about testosterone if I can.

Since you Boosted Your Testosterone levels, have you noticed any difference in your appearance or has anyone else noticed a difference (more in the face rather than the body)

The reason I ask this is because I read somewhere that people with higher testosterone levels have those certain characteristics in their appearance.

Wondered whether you could shed any light on this.

I would be most appreciative of your advice regarding this.

Kindest Regards,

Testosterone Facial Appearance & Bone Structure!

Hello David

Once you've gone past puberty, and developed into a man, you're not going to see many changes in bone structure.

That stuff happens mostly in the womb, and during the early stages of development.

Men exposed to high levels of testosterone early on, have typical masculine characteristics, such as...

Wide shoulders, thin waist, muscularity, facial hair, large adams apple, prominent brow bone, a square jaw line, and an overall masculine appearance.

Men who go on hard core Testosterone Replacement Therapy, may experience some of these changes, especially the facial hair growth and a deepening of the voice.

Of course, I don't advocate hardcore TRT, because of the brutal side effects, such as Testicular Atrophy, wild mood swings, gyno, etc..

Boost your testosterone levels naturally, the way I recommend on this site, and here's what you'll experience...

A substantial increase in self confidence.

You'll be much more sure of yourself, and confident in social situations.

Your appearance aside, one rule applies in any and every encounter with other males..

The guy with the most testosterone will dominate the social exchange.

Bill Gates was a 98 pound weakling when he started Microsoft back in his teens, but...

He completely dominated his partner, Paul Allen who was twice his size, because between the two, Bill had more T.

Remember, supreme confidence trumps looks every single day of the week.

If you don't have a particularly masculine look about you, don't worry about it.

Work on your body!

Pack on the Muscle, and create that V appearance, with a thin waste, and broad muscular shoulders that's typical of a high testosterone man.

Throw in a big dose of cockiness, and self confidence, and you can go on to rule your world.

Remember, the key is to perfect what you've got, not to change who you are.

You've got more than enough man in you to get that done!

Good luck!

Testosterone Facial Appearance & Bone Structure to
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