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Testosterone & Creatine! Benefits & Side Effects!

by Ryan
(South Florida)

Hi Mark,

Loving the website! Thanks for doing this, we all really appreciate your time, and thanks for answering my first question.

Ok, so I have been reading a lot on the Internet (and you know how reputable the Internet is...) about Creatine acting as a Testosterone Booster.

In my last question to you I told you that I was training harder now then in my whole life and even hired a core body trainer. I train with her 2 times a week and on my own about 3 times a week at the gym.

I already take a whey protein powder but was wondering about Creatine. They (the Internet) now says that you no longer have to "load up" you can simply start taking it.

Do you suggest taking creatine at all?

If I continue to work out hard like I am and add just a little creatine to my morning shakes will it have any positive effects on my T levels?

Thanks for your time Mark!


Testosterone & Creatine! Benefits & Side Effects!

Hello Ryan,

I don't believe Creatine is much of a Testosterone Booster

It does deliver some testosterone like effects, but there's pretty good evidence it does so without directly elevating T levels.

In essence, it delivers some of the goods, but not all of them.

That's why I think this supplement falls short.

I will give you this though...

It does enhance your ability to lift heavy weight,
and it seems to increase drive and motivation in the gym.

But to me, the negatives outweigh the positives.

First, I don't like the bloating factor. The puffy, water heavy look isn't for me.

In bodybuilding terms, I prefer cut, shredded, and lean to bloated, puffy, and muscle bound.

I also don't like the way I feel when I stop taking it.

Energy levels plummet, which is not something I'm willing to live with.

Some men experience dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, and intolerance to heat, due to the muscles sucking all the water out the blood stream.

Other potential side effects include anxiety, irritability, hostility, nervousness, sleep problems, depression, and abnormal heart rhythm, probably due to the electrolyte issues.

I'll take a good testosterone booster cycle over creatine any day of the week.

The natural T boosters deliver just about everything the creatine does, without the water retention, the energy dump, or the electrolyte problems.

Thanks for your question!

Testosterone & Creatine Benefits & Side Effects to
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Cycle two herbs?
by: Said

Hey Mark, what do you think about bulbine and butea if I take them in the same day.

Thank you

Hi there,

Sure, that would work as long as follow the cycling protocol and avoid taking them chronically, as that will lead to tolerance issues with both of these supplements.

What works best for me is using each supplement once every seven days, max.

Good luck

Side effects of Creatine
by: Mark Martinez

Few more side effects includes stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhea, water retention, dehydration, headaches, potential liver and kidney problems.

Work out regularly and drink around a gallon of water.

Mark Martinez

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