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Testosterone, Castration & Erectile Dysfunction


In 1959, a group of sexual offenders from Norway agreed to be castrated in exchange for reduced prison sentences.

In other words, give us your testicles men and we'll give you back your freedom.

Prison must have been a pretty bad scene in Norway in the 50's because 157 men agreed to this sinister bargain.

After the procedure, these men were monitored by scientists for several years where a mountain of data was recorded.

When I was going through this information one point stuck me as particularly interesting.

At the three year mark, 32 percent of these guys were still dreaming about and lusting for sex.

So no testicles, no erections to speak of and testosterone levels sitting below 20 ng/dL, and these guys were still horny?

What's up with that?

After some thought I came to the conclusion that this actually jibes with my experience running this website.

I'm regularly contacted by men who've been chemically castrated due to prostate cancer, asking how they can get back into the sex game.

I always have to defer to medical man in this situation, because prostate cancer is a serious issue and I have no business offering advice in this situation.

But this does bring up an important point...

Men must be hard wired in the brain to reproduce, spread seed and have sex with women.

And that powerful urge to have sexual relations doesn't always disappear as hormone levels decline.

castration-erectile dysfunction

This train of thought got me to thinking about another issue that comes up frequently…

Erectile Dysfunction

And this took me back to my pet theory that erectile dysfunction is often NOT a stand alone medical condition, but a symptom of low hormone status.

If you're suffering from erectile dysfunction and would like to explore this, ask yourself the following question…

Can you get hard wood every once in a while?

If so, this is an indication that your plumbing appears to be working and your ED is a symptom of something else.

If you can rule out all the obvious stuff like chemical exposure, drugs, alcohol abuse, smoking, high levels of stress or severe depression, your next stop should be your hormones.

In other words, if you can eliminate the items above, and you don't have coronary artery disease, place your focus on the hormones.

Of course, an erection is a very complicated thing

that often goes way beyond blood vessels and hormones...

I liken it to the elusive female orgasm in a lot of ways...where one wrong turn in the mental department can send it scurrying off into hiding for weeks or months at a time.

In this situation it's always good to remember that sex, especially for us older guys, is there strictly for the pleasure. (we're not trying to make babies, that's for sure)

And if you'd like to experience this pleasure, don't psych yourself out and definitely don't try too hard.

That effort will only lead to more heartache, more mental baggage and more failure in the bedroom.

A better plan would be to think about the real reason you enjoy having sex.

Or put another way, figure out what really turns you on.

Then, go to work and feed that fantasy...plan, execute, let it take over your mind space.

Studies have shown that men who shop for call girls or cruse massage parlors, experience a massive boost in testosterone during the planning phase.

And this planning actually brings on more gratification than the actual sex act, most likely because of the hormone payout the planning brings on.

But you can pass on the prostitutes and massage parlors and still use this information to your advantage, by feeding your sexual fantasies.

And you should do so without guilt, shame or embarrassment because your own sexuality in nothing to be ashamed of.

So get your woman on board, and follow your fantasy wherever it leads... then contemplate, organize, plan, and execute.

Do this and that low hormone status we discussed earlier just may become a thing of the past.

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