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Testosterone Booster Side Effects! Insomnia & Increased Heart Rate!

I have been reading much of the commentary on your site and find much of it too be very useful and reflective of my actual personal experience. I do have some questions though:

Throughout the website you suggest that the stacking of certain Herbal Supplements will increase testosterone levels, however the descriptions of the supplements themselves given at the purchase site suggest that they are sexual enhancers or potency maximizer's.

My question is this - are these supplements truly capable of reversing low-T and causing a sustained increase in hormone levels, or do they just bring about a sort of temporary sexual desire that tapers off once sexual activity occurs?

Also, throughout the Q&As for the individual products, warnings are posted about potency and the potential for insomnia and the danger of using these supplements together with Erectile Dysfunction medications etc.

So my second question is do these supplements cause an increase in heart-rate and if so wouldn't that by definition need to be temporary and how is that effect in any way tied to actual testosterone production?

Thank you very much for your time.

Testosterone Booster Side Effects!
Insomnia & Increased Heart Rate!


Excellent questions!

I'll start off by saying this...

The Testosterone Boosters are a treatment, not an outright cure.

The cure comes from the positive changes you make in your life as a result of these supplements.

You see, once they kick in, you're going to experience a substantial boost in energy, drive, and motivation.

At this point, you can do one of two things.

You can take all this new found energy, and...

Hit the bars, become obsessed with sex, booze it up, watch internet porn, or engage in other types of negative behavior.


You can do something positive with your life!

You can get productive!

Productive in my book means, loosing that 20 pounds of body fat strapped around your waist, getting estrogen levels under control, building muscle, changing your diet, transforming your life.


These things are permanent, they're all natural, and yup, I'll go ahead and say it....

In my opinion, they're outright cures for low testosterone levels in men!

How do I know?

Because these methods have worked for me, and hundreds of my site visitors.

Back to the T boosters...

Once all of the above is accomplished, you'll find that these supplements are not needed quite so much anymore.

Your body will be back in balance once again.

Your Testicles will come back to life, and begin producing all the testosterone you'll ever need, just as mother nature intended.

The morning erection will reappear, so will the muscle mass, the sex drive, and the energy to go out and eat up life in big gulps.

So, will you stop the testosterone boosters completely once you reach this point?


Even I have bad days here and there, where I need a boost.

And when I do, it's a quick 5 second walk from the bedroom to my medicine cabinet.


You asked about heart rate...

Whenever I experience any negative side effects, the solution is very simple...

I cut back on the dose!

Like I've said several times before, I want to feel good on these sex boosters, not like I've just drunk a pot of strong coffee.

Click HERE and read the paragraph below "Yohimbe Side Effects & Dosage", for more detailed information.

And the insomnia part...

It's really not an issue...

Take your testosterone boosters first thing in the morning, and you'll have no problems sleeping like a baby at night.

Thanks much for your questions!

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