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Test Male Estrogen Levels

by Ramine

I have a question for you. What do you do to gauge your estrogen levels. Do you take blood tests regularly, or do you have some other method?

The reason I ask is because I'm cycling 5 of the supplements from your natural testosterone booster page, and it's going real well so far. I can definitely feel an increase in libido and well being since starting.

My concern now is that my higher levels of testosterone may be leading to more estrogen conversion.

I don't mind getting my blood tested if I have to, so I was just curious to hear how you handled this.

Hello Ramine!

Excellent question!

Here how I how I gauge my estrogen.

First, I typically get my hormone levels tested once a year.

After 40, I think every guy should do this if they can afford it.


Going in for tests every month or two is not practical, so here's what I do between blood tests to monitor my estrogen levels.

First, I pay attention to my nipples. Your nipples seem to be the first thing to get effected by elevated estrogen.

If they get itchy, sore, or sensitive, that's a pretty clear sign the you need to get your estrogen levels down.

Another thing I pay attention to is my nocturnal urination sessions. If I wake up at night, and it takes 15 seconds to get the urine stream started, that's another good indicator that E levels are high.

Elevated estrogen in men causes prostate growth, which is what causes the urination problems.

This happened to me 2 nights ago.

When it does, I dig around in my medicine cabinet, and take a chrysin supplement.

When you do this, you'll notice two things...

When you wake up to pee in the morning, your urine stream will start immediately, which indicates that your estrogen has gone back to normal.

Second, and I'm not exactly sure why this happens, but you'll have very high levels of testosterone that day.

It could be some sort of a rebound effect.

Estrogen goes back down, and testosterone comes roaring back with a vengeance.

To summarize, it's very important that you have estrogen blockers on hand if you're taking natural testosterone boosters.

I recommend...


Hope that helps!


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