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The Ten Minute Workout!

How To Exercise in 10 Minutes or Less

The Ten Minute Workout!
How To Exercise in 10 Minutes or Less

I've leaned up quite a bit lately, while exercising less than I normally do.

I believe this is happening because I've become an absolute fanatic about two things...

  • The intensity of my routines
  • The duration of those routines (of course)

In essence, I've upped the effort, and shortened the time spent exercising, and the results have been impressive, to say the least.

Let me give you a real world example to demonstrate.

Today, I did a quick lifting routine...

Military press, 3 fast sets, each done one after the other, total workout time, about 3 minutes.

But wait you say, you were working your shoulders, and you didn't do dumbbell flyes, lateral raises, or rear delta rows?


I do compound exercises when I hit the weights, and nothing else!

Movements that incorporate numerous muscles to move the barbell from point A to point B.

I like to call these power exercises...

Exercises that when done correctly, create a powerful hormonal shift inside your body.

A shift that leads to anabolism, male hormone production, increased muscle mass and rapid fat loss...all achieved quickly and efficiently.

Pay special attention to the sentence just above...

Sure, the lifting is essential, but the hormonal shift it brings on is the real key to the magic occurring inside my body.

More on this later...

The Ten Minute Workout!
How To Exercise in 10 Minutes or Less

I did more than just hit the weights today...

I did about 3 minutes of hardcore sprinting, that bumped my workout time up to a whopping 6 minutes.

These sprints were done a grassy hill near my home, and the routine went something like this...

Run like a bat out of hell to the top, walk down slowly, then repeat around 7 times.

That's it!

Now, low let me explain to you, how I know for a fact, that these routines were highly effective for me today.

For one, my body took on a musky, strong, hormonal smell.

And this smell has stuck with me the entire day, despite that fact that I've already taken a very long shower.

Lately, I've been using this body odor as one of my benchmarks...

A benchmark that proves to me that I've hit the hormonal sweet spot...

That I've maximized my growth hormone, and my testosterone production, without increasing the catabolic hormone, cortisol.

More proof of this hormonal shift can be found in the fact that I was highly energized, and motivated after my routines.

In other words, I wasn't fatigued, listless, and tired all day...

This is another clear signal that I had kept cortisol in check, by not over training my body.

If you're over 30, this last point is especially important to remember...

Humans respond to excessive exercise by releasing the catabolic stress hormone, cortisol.

Men over 30, who start off with low levels of testosterone to begin with, are the most susceptible to this catabolic attack.

So what's the solution to this problem?

You guessed it...keep your routines very short, and very intense.

Do these two things, and vary your sessions to add muscle confusion into the mix, and you'll be astounded.

Astounded at what you can achieve, once you add duration and intensity, along with a heavy dose of male hormones, into your exercise routines.


Take just a moment and read the information below...

Inside you'll discover exactly how to do the short exercise sessions we've discussed on this page.

The 10 Minute Workout

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