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Body Odor & Sexual Attraction!

by Riley
(South Bend, IN)

Body Odor & Sexual Attraction!

Hi Mark,

I've been using the T-Boosting supplements and following your diet and exercise recommendations for several months now.

So far, I've lost 18 pounds and feel great!

Sex is good again, I've lost the weight around my mid section and I've gained quite a bit of lean body mass.

Thanks for all you've done to help me with this, but I have run into a problem that I'd like to ask you about.

I have very strong body odor since all of these changes have occurred.

Before I started all of this, I had very little body odor. Now at times it gets so bad my wife throws me out of our room.

Is this a normal occurrence for others who are following your system?

Thanks for everything Mark

Body Odor & Sexual Attraction!

Hello Riley,

The smell of body odor should put a big fat smile on your face because strong B.O is a signal that all is well in your hormonal world.

Conversely, a lack of body odor should put the fear of god into you, as no B.O means no hormones.

The reason you had very little B.O earlier, was because your testosterone levels had tanked.

Let me explain...

A portion of the testosterone in your system gets converted into androstenone, a potent mammalian pheromone.

This steroid is found in much higher concentrations in the urine and sweat of men than of women.

Androstenone is used by mammals to convey social status, and sexual dominance.

It's also the driving force behind the potent odor residing in your arm pits.

In essence, as you transformed yourself hormonally, you began to take on the odor of an alpha male.

The fact that your wife is reacting to this assault on her olfactory receptors is not surprising at all.

There's a hierarchy transformation taking place in your home, a power shift, and change creates chaos, anxiety and fear in women.

She can see your physical transformation, and she can smell it as well.

Gut instinct tells her to remove you from her den as soon your pheromones enter the room...

But deep down inside, she's also sexually attracted to your pungent new odor.

She may act repulsed, but trust me, now that you smell like an alpha, she'll be much more likely to submit to you sexually.

Take this new power and use it wisely, and you'll create a perfect balance of power in your relationship.

A power balance where she feels extremely safe and secure, and where you'll be taken care of sexually, by a submissive and willing partner.

Just don't push it too far.

Shower more frequently to tame the beast a bit, but don't attempt to wipe it out entirely.

Thanks for your question.


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Good Stuff!
by: Ken

Good post, good answer, good stuff! Mark always hits the nail on the head and tells it straight. I never figured out why men would want to smell "girly" anyway. Even more of a mystery are women who "ooh & ahh" over men who smell like women! Like, what's that about anyway??? Anyhow...I've got no issue with showering and being clean but it seems that men should smell like men. Good, bad or indifferent.

Amazing - I noticed the same thing
by: Steve

Incredible that someone else has commented on this as I was just about to. I used to have virtually no BO, even when sweating heavily but since following Mark's advise my pits stink. I guessed it had something to do with T-levels, but this has confirmed it.

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