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Taking Warfarin: what's the safest method of TRT?

by Jon McCoy
(Duluth, MN)

I'm a 40 year old male who recently was diagnosed with low testosterone(240). That blood test was done at 5:00 pm, so the endocrinologist reordered the test for early morning. This time it was 360, "normal."

It seemed odd to me--you know, 360 may be in the "normal" range but it's obviously at the low end of normal--and I commented on this, but the endocrinologist just said "well, you have to remember you're not eighteen anymore..."

Needless to say, I've been researching the whole business(thank you for your awesome website, by the way) and I'm going to reschedule an appointment to take a second look at it.

However, there is one thing: in December of '06, I had an aortic valve replacement(mechanical valve)and so I have to take coumadin.

My question is, is there a safer alternative to straight up testosterone replacement, say hCG? Or are there medications that will block the production of estrogen, perhaps increasing testosterone somewhat?

Also, has zinc really been proven to elevate testosterone levels?

One last question, regarding body fat: I weigh 180 and stand a little over 5' 10".

Let's say I managed to lose 15 or 20 pounds. Have the experts established a proven link between less body fat= less estrogen?

I mean, are you aware of estrogen reductions resulting from loses of, say, 15 to 25 pounds, or is the decrease in estrogen levels only significant in people who were REALLY overweight and lost a huge amount(ie: a 100 pounds or more)?

I realize I've asked a lot of questions--sorry for taking up so much space, but it seems although there's a ton of information on the internet, there are very few "straight answers." Your website really endeavors to do that.

Thank you for your time, consideration, etc...Jon:)

Hi Jon

Thanks for the feedback on my website, I appreciate that!

I can't give you medical advice, and based on your history with valve replacement, doing so would probably be dangerous anyway.

I'm really not an expert on prescription medications, so I'm definitely not the guy to ask in that department either.


I do have lots of information up on estrogen and bodyfat, which you can read about here,

Male Estrogen

The bottom line is, once body fat has been reduced your body will convert testosterone into estrogen at a much lower rate.

Regarding zinc, it does increase testosterone levels in men who have low levels of the mineral in their system.

Your body also uses it to produce sperm, so it increases ejaculation volume as well.

Men who already have adequate levels of zinc in their system, would do better using natural testosterone boosters instead.

Testosterone Boosters

Good luck to you!

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Don't mix these drugs
by: Anonymous

Check the NIH website. I believe that the combo of the two is dangerous. If you take testosterone, its effects your INR and could kill you.

Testosterone slows your metabolism,which in turn changes how your body reacts to coumadin.

Basically, it increases you INR dramatically, so if you have to take it, your DR should watch your INR and you could end up taking up 80% less of coumadin to stay safe.

by: Anonymous

Does anyone have any knowledge or documented research on whether Coumadin (Warafin) can decrease your testosterone levels?

They seem to be too closely related to not affect each other. I know that that there are plenty of studies and research material about testosterone levels and their affect on Coumadin, but I am looking for the other direction.

Thanks for your time

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