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T Supplements Causing Premature Ejaculation!

by Jason

T Supplements Causing Premature Ejaculation!

Hi Mark,

I'm taking your 7 Testosterone Boosters, and have seen an increase in libido, so all is good on that end.

My problem is, I now have a premature ejaculation problem.

Here's what I've been doing for the last 3 months.

Cycling the supplements like you describe on the site, edging 3 or 4 times a week, and limiting my ejaculations to twice a week.

I've also changed my diet and exercise according to your recommendations.

Like I said, the libido is back, but sex lasts 2 minutes at the most now, which can be very frustrating.

Any suggestions on how to handle this?

By the way, I'm 34 and not married.


T Supplements Causing Premature Ejaculation!

Hi Jason,

Your problem is a fairly common one.

You do everything right to get the sex drive going again...supplements, ejaculation control, diet, exercise, edging, etc...

After a bit of work, you get to the point where you're ready for love again.


Every time the big event rolls around, the party ends before it really even gets started.

This may seem like a big problem now, but I'll tell you, it's a very good problem to have.

Just ask the dozen or so guys reading this right now, who would kill to be able to get off at all.

The fact that you even have this problem means that you've tackled your Low T issues.

In other words, you've taken a giant step back in time, hormonally.

Now all you need to do is tweak a little, in order to tame the beast.

T Supplements Causing Premature Ejaculation!

Every guy who cycles the herbal testosterone products should have the exact same goal going in...

To get to the point where they don't have to take the supplements every single day...

To fine tune and heal the body, so the testicles kick in and begin manufacturing testosterone naturally, just as nature intended.

It sounds to me like you may have arrived at this destination, Jason.

My suggestion to you now is, start skipping days when you wake up feeling it.

If you don't see a big decline in energy, motivation, sex drive and muscle mass, you'll know one thing for certain.

Your testicles have begun doing exactly what they were designed to do...

Manufacturing the hormones every man so desperately needs!

Of course, when you do have an off day hormonally, don't hesitate to crack open the medicine cabinet, and give your boys a little nudge.

But don't get too complacent as you proceed..

Avoid the temptation to backslide, to fall back into to old habits and routines.

As you approach 40, the skills you've developed over the last 3 months become even more critical.

Fail to stick with the diet, the exercise, the ejaculation control, and everything else, and you'll lose all the good stuff you've gained.

And trust me when I tell you...

The older you are, the harder it is to get all the good stuff back!


Cut back on the Herbal T-Boosters, and your ejaculation problem should resolve itself on it's own.

If you'd like to establish even more control, pass on the edging 24 hours before any sexual encounter.

As always, pay very close attention to your body...your mood, your energy levels, and your sex drive.

If you see a decline in any of the above, adjust your plan accordingly.

That's really all it takes.

T Supplements Causing Premature Ejaculation
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