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Sublingual Testosterone!

Sublingual Drops Side Effects!

Sublingual Testosterone!

Sublingual Drops Side Effects!

Sublingual hormones are taken by placing drops or tablets into the mouth, and allowing them to be absorbed directly through the mucus membranes underneath the tongue.

This allows the testosterone to go directly into your blood stream, thus avoiding metabolism by the liver.

Oral testosterone is different!

In this treatment the hormone is actually swallowed, which means it has to pass through the liver before making it into your blood stream.

Many liver enzymes are effected during this process, which raises the potential for liver damage, development of tumors, and other problems.

Due to these side effects, oral testosterone is banned in most modern countries except for Canada and the United States.

For obvious reasons Sublingual Test is the better choice between the two.

Testosterone Sublingual v.s Creams & Gels!

How does sublingual testosterone stack up against creams and gels?

Once again, I think sublingual is the better choice.

Here's why!

Hormones are all fat soluble.

This means that when you rub a cream or gel into your skin, much of it is absorbed directly into your fat cells.

When these cells eventually become saturated or full, the hormones are randomly dumped into your blood stream.

This makes dosing extremely difficult to control because you never know when your going to get hit with one of these hormonal dumps.


These surges can lead to numerous side effects, such as,

Wild Mood Swings




Hormone Replacement Therapy!

When administered under the tongue, testosterone is used by the body, and then excreted within about 48 hours.

This makes it easy to control blood levels, because there are no surprises.

What you take is what you get.

That's why sublingual is high on my list for those in need of testosterone replacement therapy.


We can't end this conversation without a word of caution!

Hormone replacement therapy should be reserved for those who have no other options.

In other words, if you are at all capable of producing T on your own, you should work to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

If for some reason, your body is incapable of producing T on it's own, then sublingual testosterone may be a good option for you.

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