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Soft Testicles & Low Sex Drive

by Travis

Soft Testicles & Low Sex Drive!

Hello Mark

My testicles have gotten smaller and my Sex Drive has dropped off quite a bit.

It's like they shrank by around 25 percent and are not nearly as hard as they used to be.

What do you think is causing this, and how do I get them back to the way they were?


Soft Testicles & Low Sex Drive!

Hello Travis,

When looking for the cause of testicular atrophy, you usually only need to look in one direction.

Straight toward the big E...Estrogen!

You see, when your estrogen levels get too high, your testosterone, and your testicles both take a hit...

Yup, T levels plummet, and your boys shrink up, atrophy, and go soft on you.

So how do male estrogen levels get out of control?

Let me count the ways...

Excess Body Fat

Eating the Wrong Foods

Excess Alcohol/Beer Consumption

Endocrine Disruptor's and Chemical Exposure

So what's the solution?

Address all the above, then...

Cycle OTC Testosterone Boosters


Practice Edging/Orgasm without Ejaculation

That's it!

No drugs, hormone injections, patches, pills, or creams necessary!

Good luck!

Soft Testicles & Low Sex Drive
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