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Should I Increase Meal Frequency to Boost Metabolism?

by Josh

Should I Increase Meal Frequency to Boost Metabolism?

Hi Mark,

I have a question regarding the Meal Frequency thing.

Is it necessary to eat 5-6 meals a day to burn fat because it keeps your metabolism fired up, or is it a myth?

I see it as contrary to one's goal of losing weight/fat.

Besides, I can't even eat THAT much and because it cost $$$MONEY$$$.

I am following your paleo-diet with T-food products you mentioned and I do see results coming in. Thing is, is it tied to the Meal Frequency Hype?

Thank you,

Should I Increase Meal Frequency to Boost Metabolism?

Hello Josh,

The whole, to rev up metabolism you must eat every 2 hours dogma, has been spewed out by so many health experts, for so long, that just about everyone believes it as fact.

But the evidence isn't so convincing once you really take a hard look.

Research indicates, that under calorie controlled conditions, high meal frequency has no thermodynamic advantage over low meal frequency.

Body composition shows no improvement either, unless you're a boxer on a 1200 calorie a day liquid diet.

Yup, this is the main study that this whole theory seems to be based on.

I don't know about you, but I don't consume a liquid diet, and I don't limit my calories to 1200 a day either.

On the other hand...

A decent study, reported in the Twelfth Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, showed that 3 meals a day is superior to 6 meals when it comes to building lean body mass.

Should I Increase Meal Frequency to Boost Metabolism?

But in reality, I don't need studies to guide me on this.


Because eating every couple of hours is unnatural, complicated, and unhealthy in the long run.

Unhealthy because every time you eat, your body experiences a blood sugar spike, as your food is digested, and sent into the blood stream.

This blood glucose has to be dealt with, which the body does by releasing insulin into your system.

When you eat constantly, throughout the day, you create a chronic state, where blood sugar and insulin levels are elevated much of the time.

And chronically elevated levels of glucose and insulin in the blood can lead to vascular problems, glycation, inflammation, cancer, and a host of other health problems.

Look at it this way...

To achieve optimal health, you want to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels in check, not elevated from morning to night.

The bottom line!

Don't take anything as fact until you've actually looked into it yourself.

And when the "health experts" are all ranting on about the latest fad diet, pin your ears back, and run in the opposite direction.

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