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Self Confidence & Powerful Erections With Catuaba Bark

by JR

Self Confidence & Powerful Erections With Catuaba Bark

Hi Mark,

Week two of supplement cycling and I'm feeling great.


Do you ever use one of the supplements as a "daily driver?"

I absolutely love the catuaba bark, I know exactly what you mean by the confidence you spoke of with it, I just feel awesome.

I really like what it does for my mental state, kick ass erections are a nice bonus, but this is really helping me in my studies!

I know how adamant you are about cycling, and I totally understand this principle now that I've done it.

However, do you ever take a testosterone booster everyday, or at least 5 days at time?

I'm considering doing this with the CB and adding another T-Booster (25 mg DHEA) to my weekly list.

Any advice on this one?

Self Confidence & Powerful Erections With Catuaba Bark

Hello JR,

The temptation to chase the buzz can be very powerful indeed...

But I have a warning for you!

Give into this temptation, and fail to Cycle your catuaba religiously, and you will lose the very thing you want most.

This isn't an opinion or a gut feeling, it's a cold hard fact.

Think about it!

If you could just pop some catuaba bark everyday, and get all the mojo you just spoke about, no man would ever have to suffer through andropause, impotence, or erectile dysfunction again.

The hormone replacement doctors would go out of business, and products like Androgel and Testim simply wouldn't exist.

But things aren't quite so simple...

The body has a very effective negative feedback system in place that kicks in every single time you overdo it with a supplement.

Get greedy, and take that catuaba several days in a row, and this negative feedback loop will come knocking, without a doubt.

Once this happens, your catuaba bark will be about as effective for you as a pile of dirt.

So do yourself a huge favor...

Stick to the cycling plan without fail, and never, ever give into the temptation to take any of your natural testosterone supplements more often than once a week.

Do this, and your will products will deliver the goods you're looking for, every single time you take them.

Good luck!

Self Confidence & Powerful Erections With Catuaba
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