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Catuaba Bark and Muira Puama

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Catuaba bark and Muira Puama!

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I read this report on a bodybuilding forum a while back, which is what got me started on catuaba bark in the first place...

Ok i have taken a bunch of herbs that are supposed to be aphrodisiac like ginseng, tribulus, maca, and so on....

I really never felt any libido difference from must herbs.

Here in BRAZIL catuaba is popular for it´s aphrodisiac properties especially in the northeast and north of brazil ( here in southeast though available never got to know anybody that uses it).

Catuaba bark powder is really cheap but i always thought is was all HYPE, more like a cultural myth...specially because I never seen a supplement company PIMPING catuaba ( so cheap why would they pimp that right?)....anyways...

I have been taking catuaba powder at 3-5g a day for the last month and i gotta say that this stuff works.......and works to well...

The effects are cumulative, by the end of the first week I felt that my penis was more full when flaccid, by the second week was feeling a overall enhance in feeling.

By the end of third week penis full all the time when flaccid and "red"...tactile sensitivity just increased drastically.

By the forth week i can say that the thing is the only real aphrodisiac herbal i have ever really felt. sexual thoughts all the time in my head. tactile sensation increase too much, i don´t even need to think about sex to get hard, i just rub it a litle bit and i a full with a explosive erection. Sensation and ejaculation during sex is WOW.!!!.......the best in my life!!!!!

The draw back is that it makes you last less...i could easily last 30-40 minutes, and with this 15 minutes is the most i can last. the good thing is that my refractory period decreased drastically from about 20minutes to less then 5 minutes!!! so i am able to come back again to have more wonderful sex...

simply awesome!!!!!!!!!

Anybody has a idea of what is the mechanism that catuaba works??END....

Needless to say, I went out and bought some ASAP, and have been using it ever since.

It is definitely way up there on my list of favorite supplements.

Cycle it along with Tongkat Ali and Mucuna Pruriens, and I guarantee you, you'll be firing on all cylinders!

Here's some info....

The effects of Catuaba bark and Muira Puama when taken together include,

  • Increased energy

Not edgy or buzzy at all. Smooth, even and long lasting

  • Increased confidence

You'll notice a big boost in confidence and personality. If you've ever had a day where you were fearless, relaxed, and sure of yourself, you know what I'm talking about.

  • Frequent erections

Erections at the drop of a hat, increased sexual thoughts, and high levels of sexual motivation.

  • Elevated mood

Catuaba by itself is a bit edgy for me. Combined with Muira Puama it's almost perfection. If the stars are aligned, and you get the timing and dose right, get ready, because you're going to have yourself a very good day.

  • Larger and fuller penis

You'll notice your penis looks and feels larger in the flacid state. You'll also notice a buzzing or tingling sensation in your penis and testicles.

Where do Catuaba and Muira Puama come from?

Catuaba and Muira Puama are small to medium sized trees found in the Amazon rain forest. The powdered bark of these trees has been used for centuries by indigenous people to increase libido and sexual stamina.

What are the side effects!

The toxicity of Catuaba bark and Muira Puama are very low as both of these herbs have been used for centuries without reports of major of side effects.

How do I take them? Catuaba bark and Muira Puama are sold in capsules, extracts, and as whole bark.

The whole bark is very effective, but can be messy to prepare, and very difficult to drink, as it has a strong bitter taste.

I'm at the point now where the brew from these produces a serious gag reflex, so I've switched to these supplements...

Catuaba Bark

Muira Puama

Both products are extremely affordable, and very effective.

If cycled properly, they will produce a solid hormonal hit each and every time you take them.

To enhance the effects of these herbs, you can chase them with half a bottle of 5 hour energy, which will increase their sex boosting effects.

Just make sure you dose before lunch time, or you may have difficulty falling asleep at bedtime.

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