Scrotal Temperature

by Mark

Your testicles are too warm. And this is bad news...

Because excess heat decreases semen and T production.

But wait you say...

How do you know my boys are running hot, Mark?

Because you wear clothes. That's how.

FACT: Clothes pin your package up against your body.

They trap heat. And prevent your scrotal sack from dropping down.

But this drop is something you WANT to happen because
it keeps your package cool.

A study done in 1984 showed just how important this is.

In the trial they took a group of men who all had sperm problems.

Then they had them apply ice packs to their scrotums at night.

After treatment, sperm density and sperm motility had more than doubled in 65 percent of these men.


They didn't test T levels but if they had I'd bet bank the news would have been just as sweet.


A measly 1 degree increase in temp is enough to knock you out of the zone.


Some loose fitting cotton clothes. Along with a little icing at night is enough to put you back into the sweet spot.

As for myself, I've been chasing this sweet spot hard lately.

Keeping my package cool. Jelqing several times a week. And mixing it up with my wife.

This hormonal trifecta alone has been enough to give me a serious shot of juice over the last month.

And because of this I've only used my t-supplements a few times over the last 4 weeks.

And I haven't seen a doctor. Or paid a medical bill even once.

Has the icing been a hassle? The jelqing slightly inconvenient?


But so are waiting rooms. Trips to Walgreens. Life changing side effects.

So I say go ahead and jelq. Go ahead and ice.

Then go find your girl.(:

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