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Saw Palmetto, Erectile Dysfunction & Sex With My Wife!

by Wade

Saw Palmetto, Erectile Dysfunction & Sex With My Wife!


I am a 39 yr old male living in central Georgia. A couple months ago I started taking Saw Palmetto just to help with my prostate.

I thought that since I was getting close to 40 I needed to start taking care of the ole prostate.

But shortly after I began the saw palmetto, something else STOPPED..and I don't like it at all.

In my 39 yrs of life I have never had a problem getting an erection, but now If I do get one I can't even keep it even if I concentrate my hardest.

I did stop taking the saw palmetto but it has been a couple of months now and I am still having this problem. What can I do to help get my self regulated so to speak?

I know that since I'm a little older it may take a little more time, but I'm willing to do ANYTHING at this point.

I know that as we get older our sexual desire kind of dwindles a bit, but hey I'm only 39 and I still love to have sex with my wife.

It's not that I don't want it it's just that my penis and my brain just are not communicating as well as they used to.


Saw Palmetto, Erectile Dysfunction & Sex With My Wife!

Hello Wade,

Yup, saw palmetto is definitely a strange one...

This herb has a long and storied reputation as an aphrodisiac, but things don't always work according to plan

A certain percentage of men who use SP will experience sexual dysfunction....and in some cases, the dysfunction can be pretty severe.

Unfortunately, it looks like you're one of those guys...(assuming you've ruled out diabetes, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions).

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is to throw the saw palmetto in the trash and never use it again.


You need to take steps to fire up the hormonal system, and get things working downstairs again.

Here's how I'd go about doing that...

Cycle OTC Testosterone Boosters

Since you appeared to be fine before this episode started, you may only need to cycle these for a month or so.

Of course, 40 is right around the corner, so I'm sure they'll be put to good use no matter what happens.

Just make sure you follow the cycling instructions exactly as described on the page above...

Do this and these supplements should bring on more powerful and frequent erections in just a matter of days.

Practice Edging-Orgasm Without Ejaculation

According to the Yerkes Center for Primate Research at Emory University, monkeys exposed to visuals of sexually active females register as much as a 400 percent jump in testosterone levels.

I'm absolutely convinced that edging delivers similar results in humans.

If do you decide to try this technique, make sure you don't give in and release during any of your sessions.

Your main objective is to build up sexual tension and energy, NOT to release it.

If you give in and have an orgasm, you'll lose out on the powerful hormonal kick this technique deliveres.

Follow the link above for specific instructions on how to edge effectively.

Do High Intensity Interval Training

I strongly encourage you to add HIT into your weekly routine.


Because intense workout sessions, especially when done in a fasting state, promote big boosts in natural growth production.


Human growth hormone is involved in numerous physiological processes, including the turnover of muscle, bone and collagen, the regulation of fat metabolism and the maintenance of a healthy body composition in later life.

All things you're definitely going to need once you pass the age of 40.

But, more importantly for you right now...

Most men with low libido or erectile dysfunction report considerable improvement in erection strength, stamina and endurance once long cardio sessions are replaced with short, intense exercise routines.

I say all this assuming you're doing some form of exercise now...and if you're like most, this translates to long, boring, ineffective cardio routines.

Starting today do yourself a huge favor and make the switch to short and sweet.

Do so, and I guarantee you, you'll be very glad you did...

And so will your wife!

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