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Raising Testosterone Levels with Chrysin!

Low Testosterone?

Raising testosterone levels with chrysin is simple and affordable.

Anyone taking testosterone boosting supplements should be using chrysin to control estrogen levels.


Because when estrogen levels get to high, your body will signal your pituitary gland to shut down production of testosterone.

Chrysin is a natural supplement that you can buy over the counter, which will keep your estrogen levels in check.

Chrysin Info!

Chrysin is an extract from the Passiflora coerulea plant. It acts as an anti-aromatase, which means it prevents the body from converting testosterone to estrogen.

A recent study showed that chrysin was as effective as the prescription anti-aromatase drug, Cytadren.

That may be a bit of a stretch, but still, I'd rather take an over the counter supplement than a drug.

Keep in mind, if you're following the advice on this site and supplementing with natural testosterone boosters, it's very important that you supplement with an anti-aromatase like chrysin.

If you don't, much of your new testosterone will be converted into estrogen.

Chrysin Side Effects!

Raising testosterone levels with chrysin is very safe. The supplement is made from a natural flavonoid extract. No reports of any major side effects have been reported.

Chrysin dosage!

Start of with 500 mg. On days when you have a big testosterone surge, take as much as 2 grams.

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Chrysin Studies!

There have not been a lot of studies on Chrysin. Since it's a natural product, it's not patentable, so the drug companies aren't interested

One study published in Biochemical and Pharmacology showed that when chrysin was administered to a group of males, the participants saw reductions in serum estrogen (estradiol) and substantial increases in total and free testosterone levels.

All I know is this stuff works for me.

I like to cycle chrysin with nettle root extract, and DIM. All three work in slightly different ways to control estrogen.

I feel it's always a good idea never to take one supplement for too long of a period. If you take breaks, side effects are less likely to happen.

By cycling the three, I only need to take each one a couple of times a week.

Raising testosterone levels with Chrysin to


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