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Plant Based Hormones v.s Cheap OTC Sex Boosters

by Mike

Plant Based Hormones v.s Cheap OTC Sex Boosters

Hello Mark,

Thank you in advance for sharing this information, it is certainly appreciated.

I was tested and my morning testosterone levels were 311. At 40, the female endocrinologist said "that's normal".

Sure didn't feel normal.

Anyhow, considering going to a bioidentical Doctor who uses another form of male hormone replacement. I guess from plants.

Have you heard about people having luck with this because its expensive. 495.00 plus another 500.00 and not paid by insurance.

Or should I try AndroGel.

Any thoughts?

Plant Based Hormones v.s Cheap OTC Sex Boosters

Hello Mike,

The compounding pharmacies that make these "plant based" testosterone products often use the exact same testosterone powder used to make Androgel and Testim.

Bite on one of these products, and you may wake up one day and find you're suffering all the same side effects as an Androgel victim....

Testicular atrophy, hostility, hairloss, acne, water retention, gyno, etc, etc.

If you get lucky, and find a compounder who really does use plant based hormones, you run into another problem...


Yup, take his plant based product several days in a row, and your body will get wise, real fast.

And once the dreaded tolerance kicks in, you'll be right back where you started, minus a thousand bucks or so.

Here's a much better plan...

Take that big stack of money sitting in your pocket, and put about 85% of it back into your bank account.


Invest the rest in a healthy stock of affordable OTC Sex Boosters.

Follow this proven plan, and your monthly "manhood" expenses will drop from 1K a month down to a mere 40 bucks or so.

Not only that, it will be about 100 more times effective,


You have the discipline to cycle your supplements, religiously and without fail, every single day of the week.

Of course, I don't recommend that you rely on the supplements alone.

Hanging onto your manhood takes a bit more than that.

Read on to learn more...

How I Got My T Back Up in Only 14 Days

Plant Based Hormones v.s Cheap OTC
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