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I Got My T Back Up in Only 14 Days! An Inspirational Story

by DG

I Got My T Back Up in Only 14 Days!
An Inspirational Story


I don't know what has happened, but I think my Testosterone levels are at a lifetime high.

I woke up recently and I felt like a beast. My workouts are intense and people look at me at the gym as if I am on crack.

All women turn me on, all of them!

I am much more confident than I ever was.

My testicles are hanging low and they feel warm and heavy all the time and not just the days when I use the strong sex boosters like Tongkat Ali and Korean Red Panax Ginseng.

I feel like there was a sort of threshold or a level of T that I needed for these changes to occur.

Mark, I wanna thank you so much, truly.

I am not sure why this change came about so fast in the past 2 weeks, maybe because I also started a testicular massage routine, I don't know but I am happy.

I also decided its time to get my blood sugar levels in a healthier range (I realise that I should have done this earlier, but oh well).

Anyway, I am going to buy the Chromium and R-Lipoic Acid you recommended.

I also read that cinnamon can help.

I just wanted to ask about the way I should go about using those. Do they need cycling or do I take them every day and when?

Also, is there anything other than those that can help me?

Thanks a million.

I Got My T Back Up in Only 14 Days!
An Inspirational Story

Hello DG,

Congratulations....you've hit stride!

And you've done so quickly, because you jumped head first into this system...

In other words, you put the focus on your testicles, diet, exercise, herbal testosterone supplements, ejaculation control, etc..

When you attack this problem from every possible angle, good things always come on quickly.

The men who fail on this system typically use the supplements, but don't change anything else.


The T-Boosters won't do you much good if you're 40 pounds overweight, fail to exercise, drink too much, masturbate too much, smoke, use drugs, etc, etc...

I Got My T Back Up in Only 14 Days!
An Inspirational Story

Based on our previous conversations I know that you cut your refined carbohydrate consumption drastically.

This combined with the strength training and the corresponding increased T levels may have already brought your blood sugar levels under control.

If not, go ahead and test the lipoic acid and chromium to see if they work out for you.

My recommendation is to cycle them like everything else, with a 2 or 3 day gap between doses.

Cinnamon is a different story!

Cinnamon contains fat soluble, reactive aldehyde compounds.

These toxic substances can build up in the body with chronic, long term use.

Another good example of why it's a good idea to cycle just about everything.

If you're going to use cinnamon, play it safe, and take it no more than once or twice a week to avoid negative side effects.

Thanks very much for the update and your positive feedback, I appreciate it!

I Got My T Back Up in Only 14 Days An
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